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The Power of ONE: Nancy and Carl Miller: Rescued from Misunderstanding: Undoing a Stereotype One Dog at a Time

Oct 02, 2014 11:30PM ● By Marilyn Eppolite

Every year, many dogs find themselves in shelters, desperate for someone to take them home to love and care for them. Their previous owners’ irresponsibility and neglect in providing proper exercise and training results in shelters all across the country being filled to capacity.

Numerous pit bulls occupy our local shelters because in many cases their owners wanted a mean-looking dog with no intent in learning proper training techniques to manage their behavior. Unfavorable news stories focus on incidents of attacks on children, instilling a perception that they are inherently attack dogs. However, if not trained and socialized properly, dogs of nearly every breed can become a potential behavioral problem. Unfortunately, pit bulls now have difficulty being adopted in spite of being extremely intelligent, playful and gentle.

The Almost Home Animal Shelter and Adoption Center, located in Pennsauken, has many cats and dogs for adoption. Unfortunately, it cares for a large number of pit bulls brought by Animal Control, making it challenging to place them all in homes. Luckily, Carl Miller was looking to dedicate his spare time to the shelter. He and his wife Nancy began volunteering as dog walkers, providing needed exercise for numerous dogs. Due to his strength and stature, he was an ideal individual to walk the more powerful dogs, and there was no shortage of pit bulls.

Within a short time, this power couple saw the need for beginning a fostering program in their home. Since they own three dogs, they require that the foster dog get along with their “pack”. They graciously take in one pit bull at a time to help them recover from medical issues as well as socialize and train those that have behavior problems. Over the past two years, the Millers have fostered nine dogs and all have been placed in homes. Their care and training insures that these foster dogs can thrive with their new adopted families.

 In addition to developing and maintaining their foster program, the Millers have continued their extensive volunteering at the shelter. In addition to dog walking, they spend many hours a week donating nutritional supplements, food, and care for numerous dogs in the shelter. Carl dedicates his holidays to checking in on the animals and Nancy purchases yarn and crochets items for fundraising. Theirs love and commitment to these dogs creates ongoing delight and companionship for the many families that adopt from Almost Home Shelter.

A special thank you is extended to all volunteers at animal shelters everywhere that dedicate their time so that abandoned animals have an opportunity to shower a new family with love. Their commitment exemplifies the “Power of One”.

Almost Home Shelter welcomes volunteers and donations including of blankets, towels and dog treats. For more information, call 856-663-3058 or visit

Marilyn Eppolite specializes in emotional balance and resilience through energy therapies and spiritual counseling, and blogs about living an emotionally balanced life. She is creative director for Natural Awakenings magazine, South Jersey edition. Visit