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Natural Awakenings South Jersey

Ahaji Scheffler : The Healing Power of Love

Aug 31, 2014 10:26PM ● By Marilyn Eppolite

Tired of drowning in heartache after a failed relationship, Schreffler decided to travel to a country 1,500 miles away that had been devastated by a natural disaster. She volunteered her time and energy assisting others in need, never imagining she would meet a remarkable man that would open her heart to love once again. However, this time her heart was not filled with romance but instead with love for the many children orphaned by the 2010 earthquake in Haiti.

In December 2011, Schreffler traveled with a nonprofit group and met Gabriel Fedelus, a Creole translator. He briefly mentioned the Love Orphanage he had started in Portau- Prince with his personal savings. He had received many promises of donations but none materialized.

She continued correspondence with him after she returned to Moorestown and felt compelled to help raise money for it. “I realized the impact that one person’s sacrifice and dedication could have in changing the lives of children in serious need,” comments Schreffler. “Gabriel had no significant one helping him. I realized that I too, as one person, could do something to help.”

Synchronicity plays an important role in the expansion of her dream. She works full time developing undergraduate programs at Drexel University’s Study Abroad Office which has opened opportunities for both support and expertise in practical matters of fundraising. She has been so focused on her goals, she is often surprised when people offer skills that she might need. On her most recent trip to Haiti this past June, she delivered supplies and clothing with help from the student participants of Drexel’s Haitian Creative Writing program.

During that visit, she presented Fedelus $11,000 which enabled Love Orphanage to purchase land and begin construction of a permanent home for the children. Now her focus is finalizing its nonprofit status and creating a website to continue her fundraising and support for the children.

To contribute in any way, please email [email protected] or [email protected]. One hundred percent of donations go directly toward the cause. Supplies needed include used and functional laptops, bars of soap and toothpaste.

Marilyn Eppolite is an energy therapist and spiritual counselor who specializes in emotional balance and resilience. She is the creative director for Natural Awakenings South Jersey. She also writes a blog for living an emotionally balanced life on her website. Visit