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Life in Balance

Jun 30, 2014 11:56AM ● By Maryann Pino Miller

Then know that love is law, and that law is that which may bring about the most necessary things in the mental, physical and spiritual life of a body… The life must be a well-balanced life, not lopsided in any manner, to bring contentment.” ~ Edgar Cayce


This excerpt from a Cayce reading speaks to the need for balance in life in order to be content. The feeling may be that this is easier said than done, especially when juggling family, friends, career, play and all the issues, situations, dilemmas and decision- making inherent in daily life. But the concept of balance does ring true as a goal.

Balance equals stability. When something is in balance, it is stable. This applies to man, his body and all aspects of his life, as well as objects. When something is stable, it can withstand attempts to knock it over or otherwise upset its performance.

The body does very well when it is in homeostasis—all systems in balance. When that balance is disrupted with poor diets; stress; inactivity or excessive activity; work; lack of rest and relaxation and self-care; or negative self-talk, the body rebels with dis-ease, dis-comfort, pain.

There are different aspects of balance to consider. There’s the balance a person would want to achieve personally, within self… feeling balanced spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally. Within each person there are both male and female hormones. This suggests that an individual doesn’t have to be stereotypically in line with society’s take on one’s sex at all times. Men can emote and cry; women can be decisive and strong.

As social beings there is the constant balancing act of personal needs versus everyone else’s, work versus play and social time versus quiet personal time.

That is a lot of balancing to do! Is it achievable? Yes, gradually, in time, with determination and a sense that it is worth the effort.

The first step is setting the intention to move toward balance. This takes self-examination and acknowledging that balance is important for a better quality of life and a sense of contentment. Once the decision is made to have and maintain a better state of balance in life, the intention is set. Setting an intention begins the shift of energy toward achieving whatever it’s set for. To make it more real, journaling thoughts and feelings and reasons for the intention adds more positive energy and gives more clarity.

The next step is beginning meditating. For those with monkey minds, this is a daunting task. But it does not have to be.

Start out “small” and achievable… even just a deep breath with the intention of meditating or even connecting with God, Spirit, your Higher Self. Take a deep breath and be grateful. This is something that can be done throughout the day and night. It’s a conscious awareness of the moment and your place in it.

This may not seem like much, considering there are others sitting on mountaintops for hours on end. That is their way; this is yours… for now. Quiet moments add up, making an almost imperceptible impact on life at first. Then one day, the feeling that life is calmer, less hectic, is felt brought about by meditating that guarantees perpetuating it. As time goes on, it’ll feel comfortable to add a few minutes each day to actually sit in meditation. One-word or phrase mantras, guided meditation CDs or those found on You Tube can be used.

In order to bring balance to life, an awareness of how life is being lived is needed. This may seem obvious but how many people are going about their lives robotically, never really giving any thought to what they’re doing only that this is what needs to be done; this is always the way it is done; this is what is expected?

But an honest assessment has to be taken if any change is to come about. Questions have to be asked with “Why” probably the most important one.

“Why am I doing this?”

“Why is it so hard?”

“Why do I feel this way?” or “What am I feeling about this?”

“How did I get into this in the first place?”

“Do I enjoy doing this?”

“Is this what I want to be doing?”

“Am I using my gifts and talents?” or “What are my gifts and talents?”

“How can I use them to create a more fulfilling life?”

 “Where can I begin to make adjustments?”

It’s best to write down the questions and answers, probing as deeply as possible. Feeling safe that this is just a fact-finding mission and information is power. With this information, a decision on the next step can be made.

If imbalance is found in many areas, focus on one that can be easily managed to experience success. This provides the confidence to look at others. When working long hours, consider shortening one day at first. When asked to help out but feelings of stress and resentment well up, take a deep breath and respectfully decline: “I’m sorry but I cannot… at this time.” A reason is really not necessary. This is a matter of honoring and respecting self. Feeling stressed and resentful means the well is running dry; there probably isn’t much left to give.

If a change is decided upon, internal clearing must be addressed. More than likely there are hurts from the past that led to the discomfort and imbalance being felt. Healing them is the only way not to repeat the same or similar situations again.

There is another aspect of balance that might resonate… the balance between being spirit and being human. It’s often said that we are spiritual beings having a human experience and that all the answers are within, just ask the question.

Set the intention to live a life in balance, meditation and honest inner probing will provide the answers.

Maryann Pino Miller, owner of Consciously Living and co-owner of The Center, Life in Balance in Medford, NJ, conducts Awareness Coaching. For more information, visit or or call 856-912-2087.

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