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Healers Universe: Andrea Regal, Psycho Energetics Counselor

Andrea Regal founded Healers Universe based on the premise of “global evolution through personal evolution”. She says, “Every physical discomfort, be it in the body, in relationships, finances, work or living situation, is a guidepost leading us to explore and discover our own unique truth on the path of spiritual development.” Regal explains it takes an immense amount of energy by one’s subconscious defense system to suppress distressful feelings. Through her work, clients learn to free this energy and allow for the release and relief of physical maladies, emotional anguish, mental confusion, unhealthy relationships and constant struggle.

Her formal education in clinical psychology and sociology, combined with holistic healing and spiritual studies from an early age, ultimately led to private practice integrating somatic psychology, Barbara Brennan Energy Medicine, Healing Touch, metaphysics, Shamanic Worlds model, Sacred Geometry, Quantum Master Archetypes and Spiritual Law, as well as many other universal energetics required for deep multidimensional transformation. Each session is individually tailored so that clients organically reintegrate dissociated pieces of their Essence experiencing definitive and permanent change of both inner and outer conditions in a relatively short period of time.

She offers Discover the Universe Within sessions, which facilitate personal transformation, spiritual expansion, revelation of soul purpose and one’s unique role in the evolution of the planet; Traditional Raindrop Therapy and Customized Raindrop Therapy utilizing pure therapeutic grade essential oils combined with Quantum Healing creating a “zero point” energy space for profound relaxation and rejuvenation; Subtle Energy Therapy, an energy field interface with the higher consciousness of the body through nonlinear models of healing allowing for shifts on physical, mental and emotional levels.

Regal is passionate about educating and empowering people to feel, know and understand their energy field and how it reflects their soul’s purpose, through monthly Sacred Sisterhood Circles and Evolutionary Energetic Earthwork classes. She says, “We are the universe—our very bodies are made of the fundamental material building blocks of the universe. The exploration of which is an alchemical process wherein the lead, issues and challenges of life, can be transformed into gold— living fearlessly, fully expressed!”

Healers Universe
300 S. Lenola Rd., Maple Shade
[email protected]

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