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Institute For Medical Wellness: Dr. Steven Horvitz, Osteopathic Medicine

May 29, 2014 03:43PM

Institute for Medical Wellness is a family practice that focuses on wellness and prevention with a holistic bend. Steven Horvitz, DO, is sole physician in the practice and treats individuals not diseases, looking for causes and triggers of disease processes to help the body heal without prescription medications, when possible.

He states, “Our bodies have been around longer than doctors. My philosophy as a doctor is to help the body to heal itself as opposed to throwing a medication (band aid) at problems.”

IMW uses Advanced Wellness Testing (AWT), along with a client’s medical history and wellness exam, to determine future health risks and to help identify how to lower those risks. By testing certain biomarkers that are produced in response to diet, lifestyle, stress, genetics and other factors, disease processes identified can include elevated cholesterol, heart disease, clotting risk, diabetes and pre-diabetes, liver, kidney and thyroid issues, vitamin and nutrient deficiencies, other metabolic issues and some new genetic risk factors, as well.

“I am able to build strong doctor- patient relationships because each individual knows that I work for them and not any government or insurance company,” he says. IMW removed itself from all third party insurers in order to focus solely on each individual without regard to government regulations and third parties forcing its hand in treatment. “Our focus is solely on each individual,” Horvitz maintains.

Passionate about teaching his patients how to improve their lives with the least amount of pharmaceutical intervention, Horvitz suggests modifications in diet and lifestyle to improve patients’ biomarkers in a more natural way that truly lowers one’s risk by helping to fix the process. Yearly wellness plans are available to enable patients to work closely with Horvitz to uncover the triggers of health and illness. Patients can also choose a pay-per-visit plan.

Institute For Medical Wellness
Steven Horvitz, DO

110 Marter Ave., Ste. 408, Moorestown

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