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Your Environment Influences You: The foundation for a healthy, happy and successful life.

May 28, 2014 10:01PM ● By Karin Hirsch

“Life offers us endless possibilities every day and allows us to make choices. Utilizing free will, we decide if we go up- or downward on the path of healthy manifestation. We are the creators of our own reality.

If we take a step back and look at the connectivity of all things in existence, it will help us understand how our environment influences us and determines what we think, feel and do and what decisions we make.

“As within so without,” the ancient hermetic teachings by Hermes Trismegistus, describes the relationship between man and the world, recommending using the world as a mirror. The emotions we carry inside are reflected by the world we create around us, and the world around us tells a story about what is going on in our heart and soul.

Just remember the last time you entered a space and you immediately felt uncomfortable. This is considered your energy field reacting to the energies around you. There is a science behind this feeling, the law of resonance, that states if one vibrating object comes into contact with another one, the stronger vibration will adjust the weaker one. Everything around us contains subtle energies, vibrating at certain frequencies. If one is often surrounded by negative people or spends time in unhealthy spaces, it will eventually affect us. What most people are not aware of is that energy vibration does not dissipate but imprints in a space or person.

Ancient arts like Feng Shui allow us to analyze the energy in a space. feng shui corrects misalignments in space and time, elevates the vibrational levels and restores the balance in our surroundings to improve feelings and moods. If we observe the visible and invisible world around us and implement changes to enhance the positive elements and correct the negative ones, the vibrational level will be elevated and the invisible life force energy, called Ch’i, balanced.

One of most important aspects of feng shui is Clutter Clearing which allows s energy to flow more freely. Clutter prevents energy flow and emanates low vibrations that affect us daily in negative ways; makes us tired, unhealthy, procrastinate, depressed, lonely and confused, preventing us from moving on and opening up to new life experiences; and is detrimental to the living area where it is located in the home.

By overlaying the feng shui Bagua or “Energy map” over the home, aligned with the proper compass directions, the eight life areas of Career, Wisdom, Health & Family, Wealth, Reputation, Relationships, Children and Helpful People are revealed. Clutter in a specific area will lead to problems in this field. According to Karen Kingston, author of Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui, “The higher purpose of clearing clutter is to clear the debris that prevents us from connecting with our Higher Self.” In order to start a transformative journey we have to put our external world in order and the internal world will follow.

But what else besides clutter can affect us? The most important subtle energy influence we are exposed to is our planet and all-natural or man-made electromagnetic fields. Since humans are considered electrical beings, we are influenced by Earth energies on a profound level. The ancients knew all about these powerful energies, like invisible grids and ley lines, and maximized them in their monuments which hold many mysteries. These examples exist in many places on the planet and connect many different power spots with each other. Long-term exposure to these lines may have a negative effect on one’s health as the frequencies above these grids and intersections can be very strong and bring forth geopathic stress. According to Dr. Robert Jacobs of the Wholistic Research Company, “In my own practice, I find that the main effect of geopathic stress is that it stops patients from getting better. It appears to block the action of virtually any type of therapy.” Sometimes it only takes one to move to a different room to escape the effects of the radiation. The space where we spend most of our time has the biggest affect on us.

Our modern world also brings us one of the greatest health threats that we are still quite unaware of: man-made electromagnetic stress. The culprits include cell phones and towers, wireless systems, high-tension power lines, satellite dishes and microwaves. Electromagnetic frequencies can disturb our inner vibrational equilibrium down to the cellular level. Many people sleep next to their cell phone and do not see the connection between sleep disturbances or headaches and their exposure to radiation. It’s highly recommended to eliminate all electronic devices and metals from bedrooms as the waves can get amplified.

Crystals are used often for healing and protection. Michael Gienger, author of the book The Healing Crystal First Aid Manual, explains, “Stones emit measurable frequencies of radiation and although radiation from crystals is of a low intensity, because of its regularity and duration, it does have great effect.” They can positively affect our metabolism, organs, meridians and chakras when placed nearby or on the body. In choosing a stone, use intuitive intelligence by looking for one that matches your personal vibration. In general, Black Tourmaline is said by Paul Martin, expert on crystals and owner of the Crystal Shop, in Salida, Colorado, and in New York’s SoHo section, have protective abilities when it comes to EMFs.

 Karin Hirsch is a certified Feng Shui Master, Shamanic Healer and Professional Dowser for Geopathic Stress, Electromagnetic Frequencies, Energy Intrusions and Product Sensitivities. Connect at 201-993-6588 or by visiting

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