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Be Happy Right Now

It’s good to remind ourselves to embrace gratitude and joy daily as we give thanks in this season of blessings. I trust that you are learning to enjoy the ride more and more while being mindful of the special moments, days and years gifted to us. In being grateful for the friends and loved ones that surround and support us as we travel life’s road together, we acknowledge how precious they are.

Contrariwise, how often we see people unnecessarily struggling with burdensome trappings of life they’ve created by their own choices. We’ve all heard someone say, “I always wanted to _____, but right now I can’t.” Or, “When I retire I’m definitely going to_____.”

When I hear such sentiments, I wonder how the wisher could bear to miss out on whatever it is that would truly satisfy, nurture and energize their experience. As I mature I’m becoming better at listening to my uncluttered self’s inner whispers and trusting them. Our gut feelings are often our best connection to knowing who we are and what we are supposed to be doing right now. In my life, meditation helps me see the larger forest beyond the immediate trees, and labyrinths are a useful tool in helping me to open my heart and accept what else is possible.

The holidays can be an especially happy or stressful time. Divorces, deaths and other separations from dear ones can add to the emotional challenge of making celebratory gatherings “just right.” As a divorced father, my two sons and I had to cope with juggling holiday shuttling between parents, grandparents and friends. We managed to enjoy our moments together because we appreciated the limited time we had together. A big gift for me was learning to seize the moment and forego any turmoil before and after gatherings.

Thus, this month’s Inspiration article, “Be Happy Right Now,” resonated deeply with me. I am glad that although we can’t go back and change what was, we can move forward with a consistently happier present. I am becoming increasingly aware of how I create my world and affect others via my thoughts and actions. My New Year’s intention is to ever more consistently radiate an inclusive sense of openness and understanding.

Especially good vibes go out to our extended family of 90 Natural Awakenings publishers, writers, editors, advertisers and 3.8 million readers nationwide that tirelessly beam a beacon of light in their communities. We are grateful for everyone’s contributions, ideas, support and dedication to awakening all that are ready to join in.

May you make the best of every moment with loved ones and friends during this season of hope. Who doesn’t want to feel good, live simply and laugh more!

Peace and love to all,

Don Moore, Publisher

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