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Natural Awakenings South Jersey

Letter From Publisher

As a child my mother would allow Saturday morning cartoons for an hour as my designated ‘down time’. It was “down time” for my mother as well. The characters were simple and sometimes the action a bit violent, but the contest of good and evil was always portrayed in interesting ways. At that pivotal moment of reprisal, the struggling antagonist would pause and listen to the two emerging guides on either shoulder. The self images of an angel and a devil would battle each other with reasoning and excuses, championing their cause with fervor and persistence. The angel usually lost the argument and the dastardly act was done, only to backfire on the poor creature in the end. The moral lessons were clear as the good angel emerges again with the ‘I told you so’ look of pity and truth.

Whether intended or not, the creators of these cartoons were reflecting basic human nature. The need to listen to who we really are, our spiritual beings, arises constantly when we need help. Learning how to trust that feeling in your gut, or heart, is not always easy, but I am learning it is usually the best decision. I have become aware that our innate energy is programed for our greater good, so the more I trust it the easier it becomes.

Through the publication of Natural Awakenings I have met many people who are on a spiritually awakening journey. The conversations with these good folks have made me realize how large the upswell has become. Our feature article The Path to Inner Peace on page 20 offers ways which allow us to blossom spiritually and to get in touch with our true selves.

Recently an admired principal of the Natural Awakenings team passed away. John Voell was instrumental in establishing Natural Awakenings across the country and his vision and drive has had a positive affect on millions of people who read our magazines. It was his genuine enthusiasm and passion which brought me into the family of dedicated publishers four years ago. He will surely be missed, but most of us know he is more powerful then ever in his spiritual presence. I am very grateful to have known him, to feel his love and support, and help bring his dream into reality.

November is that time to be thankful for everything you have as an American. In spite of our economic problems and political stagnation, we still live an incredible lifestyle. It is a good time to remember those who sacrificed so much to insure we are a free country.

We have much to be grateful for.

Be well and keep the kids well with our Healthy Kids tips on page 22. A healthy immune system starts with a healthy lifestyle. Get them outside and active!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones.


Don Moore, Publisher  

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