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Natural Awakenings South Jersey

Zen-Mind/Zen-Body Training Program for Home Practitioners

The Pine Wind Zen Center will offer a Zen-Mind/Zen-Body training program open to everyone, regardless of faith or religion, beginning September 14. The program is about nurturing the ground of life as a basis to support living one’s life fully, authentically and purposefully. A Zen-inspired life is characterized by a sense of contentment, confidence, compassion and loving-kindness toward oneself and others.

The result of the training is a kind of awakening to one’s true self (authenticity) and a sense of having real meaning and purpose for your life (direction). In a safe and supportive environment, the training provides a way to empathetically examine one’s conditioning, culture, way of being and belief systems, as well as the positive or negative impact they have on one’s life. Participants train for 11 months under the guidance of Seijaku Roshi and senior monks, mastering Zen-meditation and mindful living, learning and using proven techniques for dismantling years’ worth of the self-constructed mental and emotional barriers, while learning the fundamental principles for living authentically.

Location: 863 McKendimen Rd., Shamong. For information regarding registration, tuition and curriculum, call 609-268-9151 or visit