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Commonsense to Live Longer, Better

May 01, 2013 05:07PM ● By Don Moore, Publisher

When my older sister, a breast cancer survivor, first heard the medical prognosis 14 years ago, we all felt frustrated by a sense of helplessness. Like others that have walked through this valley of the shadow of death know, there comes a moment when you choose to pray and believe deep inside that the only outcome must be a positive one.

I believe that because my sister remained steadfastly hopeful through the onslaught of chemo therapy and operations, she was able to emerge with a new lease on life. Today she cherishes awaking to each new day and takes nothing good for granted. She is a glowing example of living life to its fullest that inspires all that know her.

Cancer treatment centers have learned a lot since then. The importance of holistic health care, meditation and lifestyle choices are becoming an increasing part of the curative dialogue. While the exact causes of many diseases remain a mystery, we are learning how to help and heal, encouraged to reshape our lives after witnessing encouraging results. Living in ways that prevent problems and support health isn’t a mystery, although in the onslaught of detailed discussions about disease and changing opinions, it is not always easy to know what to do.

The overarching goal of Natural Awakenings is to help you make the best, most informed choices for you and your family, gentle ways to achieve optimum health and wellness. Each month we present an array of ideas that have helped others so that you can choose what suits and works best for you.

This month, Kathleen Barnes’ feature article, “Aging Gracefully,” reminds us of simple commonsense steps that will help us live better, longer. As part of the boomer generation, I see firsthand how my peers want to do more with their golden years, not less. Our experts’ tips can make a difference at any age, and it helps to start now!

Spring feels like a good time to clean up our life. We all know we want to, but too few of us do. I am now eager to take a closer look Linda Sechrist’s “Spring Detox” article, in which two experts with 60 years’ combined experience recommend how to gently, effectively and naturally cleanse our body of harmful elements. We have the ability to eliminate these accumulated toxins upfront and give our body the support it needs to heal and rebuild essential cells and organs. It’s an incredible mechanism when we let it do its job properly.

With the promise of nutritious goodness from our family’s tomato plants now nestled into freshly tilled soil, my thoughts turn to other hopeful gardeners and farmers’ market fans anticipating the rewards of connecting with Earth’s natural abundance. Whether grown in patio pots or larger plots, reaping fresh produce is one of the best preventative health care practices I know to bring you and your family joy and longevity.

Don’t panic—go organic!

Don Moore, Publisher


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