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Fingernail and Tongue Analyses at A View to Your Health

“What we look like has a lot to do with our heath, but not in the way you might think,” says Certified Natural Health Professional Ted Kanterman, who co-owns A View to Your Health with his wife Dale Kanterman. Areas of the body, such as the face, eyes and the soles of the feet can reveal a great deal about one’s state of health.

By looking at the lunulae (half-moons) of the fingernails, for example, Kanterman explains that he can know something about the cellular oxygen level of the person and potential health problems. “Low cellular oxygen levels can lead to problems such as candidiasis and cancer,” Kanterman reports. “A healthy adult over the age of 14 should have lunulae on all nails except the pinky.”

The tongue is another area that Kanterman uses to determine the body's state of health. He notes that tongue analysis is used in both Chinese and ayurvedic techniques relating to long-term disease prevention and good health. The color, shape, texture and moisture are all meaningful in determining or predicting states of health. By observing the color and shape of the veins the underside of the tongue, the level of toxins in the body can be determined.

According to Kanterman, when a few of these indicators point to a particular organ or system, herbal formulas, such as those manufactured by Chi Enterprises, can be helpful in resolving systemic deficiencies.

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