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Affordable Life Coaching Classes Now Forming

Debbie Smith, Certified Life Coach, is currently forming Life Coaching Group Sessions that are affordable and have easy access via a live tele-conference for every interested client.

When asked about the tele-conference format, Smith notes two benefits of this method. First, the attendees do not have to travel and can dial into the call from the comfort of their own home regardless of the weather. Secondly, the tele-conference method eliminates any bias created by the five senses when individuals meet in person. “Most of my coaching clients have not met me in person,” Debbie said in a recent interview. “The value is in keeping our egos in check. By not making any assumptions based on the other person’s physical appearance when we come together on the phone, we are truly meeting the higher self of each person.”

Smith facilitates a series of classes that maieutically helps each client discover their own inner truth. Based on clinically proven exercises, the facilitations help each attendee to shed their emotional baggage. In addition, the group dynamics multiplies the conscious awareness of each attendee by sharing what they learn from each exercise.

Cost: $25 per session plus $60 for a text book. For additional information or to register, call 609-969-4812 or visit

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