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Natural Awakenings South Jersey

January 2012 Letter From the Publisher

f 2011 Iwas any indication of what is coming up, we are in for an interesting 2012. Excitement accompanies uncertain times, and we can’t help but wonder what effects the unprecedented global population of 7 billion will have on the planet. The universal need for clean air and water, wholesome foods and sustainable national economies will surely test humanity’s resourcefulness and compassion.

The simultaneous unprecedented evolution of 21st century technologies fired by the ambitious and industrious nature of the human species promises to offer some solutions. Yet how we consciously approach and think about life on Earth is most important of all.

Thus, my #1 three-part resolution for the new year is to be more aware of my thoughts; focus on the things I can help change; and remain positive about the future, believing that my thoughts count. 

Our January Health and Wellness issue is here to assist with any number of resolutions for improved well-being and I am grateful that we are seeing a shift toward more natural and intuitive approaches to healing. Author Kathleen Barnes’ feature article, “Alternative Goes Mainstream” discusses how conventional medicine is increasingly recognizing the benefits of alternative and complementary treatments that take mind, body and spirit into account. Several leading modalities are being increasingly integrated into everyday health care prescriptions at progressive medical treatment facilities. I encourage you to explore your own options for wellness with your doctors and find out where they stand on integrating complementary therapies. Chances are they’re moving in that direction.

January is a good time to take steps toward cleansing mind and body. After indulging in special winter treats, a detoxification program may be just what’s needed; it helps take care of environmentally-absorbed pollutants as well. Check out “Rejuvenate in the New Year” by Dr. Robert Davis of Integrated Family Medicine, in Voorhees. Upon reading it, I made 2012’s #2 resolution to flush out toxins and give my body a chance to rebuild organ and tissue health naturally. It should help clear my mind as well, putting me on track to deliver on resolution #1.

January’s Community Spotlight features Dr. Philip Getson, of Thermographic Diagnostic Imaging, in Marlton, and his wife Liesha, a Certified Holistic Health Counselor. Their holistic approach includes noninvasive techniques such as thermographic imaging, which is becoming recognized as a gentle, preferred line of detection of breast cancer as well as other illnesses.

Big thanks go to everyone that supports the Natural Awakenings community; your heartwarming reception and remarks enrich the atmosphere of thought that makes this publication possible. I am approaching the new year resolved (#3) to make this magazine New Jersey’s best ever go-to natural living resource. Thanks for being a part of it.

With love and gratitude,

Don Moore, Publisher