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Rejuvenate in the New Year: Detoxification and Drainage

Dec 31, 2011 10:22PM ● By Robert Davis, D.O

Despite our best efforts to maintain healthy lifestyles, eat nutritious foods, and exercise, we continue to be exposed to toxins that have a profound effect on our body.  For example, the Center for Disease Control’s “2009 Fourth National Report on Human Exposure to Environmental Chemicals” indicates that harmful substances are dispersed world wide due to wind, rain, ground water, and other factors. It is also relatively well recognized that we ingest food and water that often contain preservatives, pesticides, hormones, heavy metals, and plasticizers, take synthetic prescription and over-the-counter medications at alarming rates, inhale chemical pollutants, household cleaning products, as well as volatile substances from wood, carpets, and renovation projects. In addition, our skin is routinely exposed to radiation, chemicals, and cosmetics. Also, our body’s natural functions produce toxins, which must be neutralized and excreted on a regular basis.

How Toxins Affect the Body

Some toxic exposures are recognized. According to Kristy Anderson, an Arizona licensed naturopathic medical doctor with areas of focus in naturopathic oncology and environmental medicine, accumulation of toxins frequently occurs in our bodies even if our daily exposure is minimal. This accumulation may express itself decades later in the form of diseases or organ dysfunctions. Effects may include but are not limited to fatigue or exhaustion, loss of concentration, asthma, allergies and skin conditions, cancer, headaches, intestinal problems, obesity, immune system and hormone dysfunction, neurologic/nerve damage, and various other medical conditions.

Detoxification and Drainage

The human body contains remarkable organs such as the liver and kidneys that constantly attempt to maintain or restore balance by neutralizing or otherwise managing harmful substances and excreting them. Unfortunately, the systems become overwhelmed and can benefit from assistance. It is similar to air conditioning systems, which needs periodic cleanings and replacement of the filters in order to work efficiently.

While some individuals harbor a substantial toxic burden, which needs to be slowly released to avoid potential side effects, others accumulate toxins over a long period of time, which then requires an extended period of detox and drainage to be effective. In both cases, the vital organs may need some additional health support.  Most popular methods of rapid detox such as colonics, using products and diets that induce frequent urination, or fasting can pose risks and may be ineffective in achieving the desired outcome.

A Safe, Natural, and Effective Strategy

Homeopathy is a safe, natural and effective medical science that utilizes natural substances such as plants, minerals, and catalysts to gently stimulate our body’s regulatory and healing processes. Side effects and drug interactions are very rare because extremely small doses are used. These products are NOT full strength herbs/botanicals. Homotoxicology is a subset of homeopathy that bridges conventional medicine with classical homeopathy.  It relies on conventional medical techniques to diagnose and guide treatment. 

Through the guidance of a physician experienced in Homotoxicology, along with protocols that have been refined over the years, detoxification and drainage can be safely, slowly, and effectively carried out.  It does not typically produce diarrhea or excessive urination. Some cases may require tablets that dissolve under the tongue while others require liquid drops that are mixed in water to drink throughout the day.  The process is easy, does not interfere with your lifestyle, and usually takes place over a 6 to 12 week period of time.  As a result, patients generally feel better and their overall health tends to improve.

Support Your Detox Therapy

Our society tends to look for a “quick fix” approach to health, however even the best detox and drainage protocols will produce better results if a person embraces a long-term healthy lifestyle. Limiting exposure to known toxins, reduction of stress and adequate sleep are all extremely important. Proper nutrition, water, fiber, exercise, and a positive attitude about life in general are also essential.

Safe, natural, scientifically based detoxification and drainage methods have become increasingly more important to our health. Guidance by a physician who integrates conventional and complementary-alternative medicine is ideal.

Robert Davis, D.O. is a board certified family physician. Contact Integrated Family Medicine, 701 Cooper Rd., Ste 16, Voorhees, 856-783-5000. Visit

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