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Natural Awakenings South Jersey

August 2011 Publisher's Letter

As summer sizzles along, rapidly ripening succulent Jersey tomatoes, it has dawned on me that I have yet to discover all the great local foods in all the best restaurants here. I prefer eateries that support local farms and serve up fresh organic or vegetarian offerings. Although growing in popularity, such places aren’t always easy to find them. So we’ve created a directory with our first Healthy Dining Guide.

If you know of a perfect addition to the list, please submit your choice of healthy eating spots on our Facebook page, Natural Awakenings South Jersey, so that we can include it in a future guide. We don’t want to miss out on a single delicious experience.

If you are like me, you love learning something new. In this issue we consider anew some key elements that determine the long-term health and well-being of our children.

Thinking about my own childhood, I still remember how I approached each school year in a mild state of anxiety. Finding my way to unfamiliar classrooms and getting to know another batch of teachers stretched me beyond my comfort zone. Then there was the challenge of befriending classmates and establishing our spot in a social niche. Of course, we were learning more than academics and social nuance; we were also exploring the capabilities of our own body, in the gym, on the playground and yes, on the dance floor.

Just as we keep some of the friends we made in grade school, we also retain the fruits of other early experiences. For better or worse, they can impact us for years. Thank goodness for enlightened parents and educators that understand how a healthy, holistic approach to mind, body and spirit produces truly vibrant children.

Still, it’s a challenge in today’s fast-changing world of tempting conveniences and slick pills for everything that ails you to provide wholesome balance, intelligent perspective and healthy choices for youth coming of age in our complex modern world. We can only lead by example.

Even as we diligently prepare following generations to navigate uncharted territory with high hopes that they will find the cures and solutions for a world in desperate need of progress, we cannot expect them to carry the load. We cannot hang the weight of our future on our children’s shoulders. We are the ones that must make good change happen today. Our own and everyone’s quality of life depends upon it. The time to accept the responsibility for our actions is now.

With our passion to do the right thing and lots of love, anything is possible.

To a bright future,

Don Moore, Publisher

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