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Bridge to Balance: Complex Patient Care Under One Roof

Aug 01, 2011 10:35AM ● By Linda Sechrist

Kim Finnie

As a young and impressionable teenager, Kim Finnie learned firsthand about several of the world’s social issues. While she spent her high school summers at the Children’s Fresh Air Home in Wildwood, volunteering as a camp counselor for disadvantaged youth from Camden, during her college summers she worked at the Neighborhood Center in Camden. When the founder of Bridge to Balance wasn’t involved with seasonal Camden youth programs, she volunteered for humanitarian work in the Dominican Republic and Haiti. Curious about all of the issues that plague the world’s children and families, Finnie even worked in an orphanage in Bethlehem, Israel, as part of her college studies abroad.

“My affluent childhood setting exempted me from social issues such as poverty, illiteracy, and child neglect until I saw them through the humanitarian work that my Methodist church was involved in,” says Finnie, who adds that she is grateful for the early exposure which led her to discover her vocation.

An undergraduate degree in Sociology and Theology and Masters in Social Work prepared Finnie for her career as a licensed clinical social worker and taught her how to look beyond an immediate crisis to seek long-term solutions that take into consideration the complexity of interactions and relationships between human beings and their environment. With a “whole is more than the sum of its parts” approach to problem solving, Finnie embraces the complexity of systems thinking, making her adept at solutions, which emerge from studying the whole picture rather than isolated parts.

It was from this perspective that Finnie arrived at the need for a more complex treatment model, which offered several different specialists working together under one roof.

Finnie’s Bridge to Balance concept in healthcare is relatively new and stems from her own personal experience. During her years of practice in a community counseling center and her private practice, she counseled many clients with complex issues that required more than one healthcare provider as well as communications between providers. “I no longer have the problem of finding and communicating with other providers about my clients because now we are all under the same Bridge to Balance roof,” enthuses Finnie, who appreciates having a family of professionals who share her appreciation for a systems approach to problem solving and patient care in an informal setting. “Our group of providers, from various disciplines, all wanted to be in a place that immediately put people at ease, which is why we chose the small town setting of Audubon and this homey yet spacious office,” explains Finnie. “We are all excited to be together and have the opportunity to address all aspects of an individual’s life to help them attain a full life and sense of well-being.”

Pediatric Speech – Language Pathology

Shana Smith’s credentials include a Master of Science degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders. Smith, who views every child as an individual with unique needs, has worked for nine years with children from birth to 17 years. She is a professor at Richard Stockton College of New Jersey where she shares her passion with students of speech pathology.Speech-Language Pathologist Melissa Graham has a Bachelor of Arts in Hearing and Speech Sciences and a Master of Arts in Communication Sciences and Disorders. Certified by the American Speech and Hearing Association (ASHA), Graham has worked as a speech therapist for Gloucester County Special Services School District providing school-based and home-based services since 2007. She is a member of Child Study Teams and performs a variety of speech and language evaluations.

Sign Language Instruction

Sarah Purdy has worked with children—interpreting and instructing—in the sign language field for 10 years. She provides instruction for individuals and families seeking alternate methods of communication. Purdy works with individuals diagnosed with autism, cognitive delays, Down syndrome and other speech related issues. She is also a sign language instructor for Collingswood School District.

Chiropractic Physician

Dr. Catherine Duncan is a licensed Chiropractor, who uses a “whole person approach” to patient care. By combining hands-on-technique, state-of-the-art physiotherapy procedures, and providing the high-quality natural vitamins and mineral supplements, Duncan helps her clients maintain good health.

Substance Abuse Counseling and Intervention

Diane Greenblatt holds a master’s degree in Counseling and Psychology, Licensure for a Certification in Drug and Alcohol Counseling, a National Certification for Drug and Alcohol Interventionist and is a Certified Reiki Master. Her eclectic clinical approach integrates traditional talk therapy with individualized spiritual and holistic practices dependent upon the client’s needs.

Registered Nurse, Master Hypnotherapist

Brenda Sorrentino, Registered Nurse and Master Hypnotherapist, pursues a private practice as a holistic health practitioner with a focus on hypnotherapy because of the modality’s ease and efficiency in getting to the root or source of a client’s issue or problem and resolving it.


Michael Scot Ailes, a licensed social worker, is an experienced psychotherapist with more than 20 years experience in providing therapy to adults and children. The former Genesis Mental Health Supervisor for 17 years, Ailes is a “welcome to the human race therapist“ who believes we are all works in progress.

Bridge to Balance, 108 W. Merchant St., Audubon 08106. Call 856-546-0664 or visit

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