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New Healing Technique at Empowering Change

Katherine Nuyens of Empowering Change, in Marlton, now offers a new healing technique designed to release trapped emotions called The Emotion Club. Designed by Dr. Bruce Nelson, this technique is designed to heal the pain in the lives of clients by addressing the underlying emotions associated with that pain.

“The Emotion Code is a revolutionary approach to healing that can free your mind, body and spirit,” says Nuyens. “How many of us hold onto guilt, resentments and a lack of forgiveness, often to ourselves? Self-sabotage happens in regard to feelings around fear of success, failure and change. Subconcsious trapped emotions are betraying us and creating a sense of unworthiness and poor self-esteem. Some of our trapped emotions are even genetic.”

Using this unique healing system, Nuyens guides clients through discovering and releasing trapped emotions so that they can increase their physical and emotional well being and reclaim their lives. Working in healing since 1998, Nuyens is trained in many energetic healing techniques as well as hypnosis, Theta Healing and Quantum BioFeedback.

Location: 901 Old Marlton Pike, Marlton. For additional information, call 856-780-5302, email [email protected] or visit

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