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Retro Fitness offers Fitness on Request

In late July or early August, Retro Fitness, of Morrestown, will become one of the first gyms in Southern NJ to offer Fitness on Request, a video portal of exercise and workout routines that club members can utilize at will.

A simple touch screen kiosk, this digital program features dozens of 30- or 60-minute classes, including salsa, aerobics, Pilates, calisthenics and yoga, as well as specific workout routines for core muscles, upper body, lower body and cardio. Users simply click on the desired program and the workout begins via a virtual instructor.

“We see this as a dynamic, fun and interactive means to get people excited about their visit,” explains Jason Healey, General Manager. “Most people go out of their way to allot specific time to exercise at the gym. This service is on demand, which means that you can literally schedule it on your own time versus scheduling your visit to the gym around the class instructor’s time. It is absolutely convenient for anyone and everyone.”

Location: 200 W. Camden Ave., Moorestown. For additional information, call 856-642-1600, email [email protected] , visit or

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