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A View to Your Health: How a local couple combines cutting-edge technology and natural medicine

Jun 01, 2011 04:11PM ● By By Linda Sechrist

Ted Kanterman

When Dale and Ted Kanterman attended a presentation on Nutritional Microscopy, they never anticipated the powerful impact that it would have on their future. After a lesson on how the examination of a droplet of blood through a high-powered microscope could be used to modify an individual’s diet and improve the condition of their blood and overall health, the founders of A View to Your Health LLC were convinced that their disenchantment with conventional medicine was warranted.

Motivated to learn more, the Kanterman’s took a course in Biological Terrain Analysis (BTA). The computerized assessment of urine and saliva offers insight into an individual’s state of wellness, imbalances in pH, oxidative stress, and gross mineral concentration. With this tool, that involves the study of cells in the human body and the interstitial fluid environment that nourishes them, the Kanterman’s learned that health issues could be targeted at a cellular level. Now hooked on self-education, the two followed up by enrolling in accredited courses. Dale received her Doctor of Naturopathy designation from Trinity College of Natural Health and is also a Master Herbalist. Ted is a Master Herbalist and certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners as a Holistic Health Practitioner. He is also studying with the Global College of Natural Medicine to earn a Bachelor’s degree in Holistic Health. Both hold Certified Natural Health Professional certifications offered through a subsidiary of Trinity College.

Ted’s interest in health began at age 30. “My health wasn’t all that great before a bout with mononucleosis; I smoked, drank occasionally, ate the Standard American Diet, suffered with kidney stones and had digestive problems,” recalls Kanterman. While spending time in bed recuperating, Ted read health related books. “The positive results of Dale’s exercise program and other lifestyle changes inspired me to change, too,” he remarks.

Dale Kanterman
Dale Kanterman
Kanterman is on his third career. “Dale and I were already interested in eating well to maximize our health when I read an article in the local paper about a woman who was operating a personal chef service,” he recalls. With some research Kanterman located the U.S. Personal Chef Association, where he learned of a Cherry Hill training facility. “Being a personal chef was much more fun than 30 years in the computer industry,” he quips.

In 2010 the Kanterman’s decided to combine their parallel career efforts. Ted satiates his affinity for technology by operating cutting-edge equipment such as ZYTO, Revelar, CASP, Flow, and Ondamed. Dale also operates the machines along with a Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging unit, a 15-minute, non-invasive test of physiology. A thermogram, which is a valuable procedure that women use for the early detection of breast disease, can also be used for a whole body scan.

“ZYTO has a conversation with the body, asking it what things stress it and what balancers it would prefer to relieve its stress,” says Kanterman. The quantum technologically advanced unit utilizes Galvanic Skin Response to determine the body's “wants” relating to nutritional supplements as well as other modalities such as massage and chiropractic.

Revelar is a machine that determines the level of antioxidants in the body by measuring the level of aldehydes, a valid indicator of free radical damage. “This lets an individual see if their supplements are actually doing their job,” notes Kanterman.

CASP measures Central Aortic Systolic Pressure non-invasively with a wrist cuff. The resulting indications are a good way to measure the level of hardening of the arteries.

Flow Systems Auditing is a biofeedback tool. A Biological Terrain Analysis offers an understanding of the biophysical nature of human health through testing of urine and saliva.

Ondamed is a 21st Century biofeedback device that involves the machine, the client, and the practitioner. The electro-magnetic impulse frequency device allows the healthcare provider to detect weakness/disorder in the body instantly by a pulse feedback method. The initial exam is followed by the proper frequency treatment.

The Kanterman’s self-education resulted in finding their true north—a life of health and prevention. “Throughout the years Dale and I studied and each time we learned something of value that benefited our health we changed our course of direction so that we could incorporate that knowledge into our lives,” says Ted. “We continue the quest and whatever we learn we’ll continue to share with others.”

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