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May 2011 Publisher Letter

After April’s generous showers, New Jersey’s earth is blooming, showing off the sleeping beauties of winter at every turn. It is nice to see folks out in their greening yards--cleaning, prepping and pruning their sanctuaries in the suburbs.

Every time I walk around my neighborhood I realize how the mature trees nurture and enhance our environment. As a kid growing up here, I remember when the trees were small and seldom noticed. Now, 50 years later, their canopies that lend shade, privacy and beauty to homes and streets were we live. They refresh the air, provide havens to wildlife, and rejuvenate our spirits. I am grateful to those forefathers who had the vision to plant them and to those who have cared for them since.

I am grateful too for the infinite care of mothers everywhere. As my family joins you in celebrating Mother’s Day this month, I acknowledge that my mom continues to inspire us all at 89 years young. She is far from being done with all that she needs to do, and although her pace has slowed a bit, she’s still the first one in line at any gathering, ready to join in.

This special issue on Women’s Wellness (men, it’s your turn next month) brings to mind the strides in consciousness made as a result of the late 20th century women’s movement and today’s ongoing transformation of understanding more of what women can bring to the world. Personally, I believe that the spiritual intuitive nature of the feminine can be the key to preventing wars. I have met many women that are part of this quiet uprising; they are educating growing populations of open-minded woman willing to work for a better way of living together on this planet we all share. The resulting change is going to be dramatic.

To ensure these valued women enjoy long and healthy lives, we’ve included an article on thermography, a proven, noninvasive, non-radiation technique of gentle breast cancer screening. Proponent Dr. Philip and Liesha Getson, of Marlton, explains the highly successful results.

May is also National Bike Month, a perfect time to dust off the old Huffy or Schwinn and start pedaling. Our collective actions will speak to the need for more bicycle-friendly roads in South Jersey. Many other countries have an enlightened appreciation of this two-wheeled people mover, which goes far in reducing vehicle carbon and other pollution while increasing the dollars we keep in our pockets. We’ll bring you up to speed on new e-versions next month.

While New Jersey roadways, built solely for cars, continue to give little thought to the needs and safety of bicycles and pedestrians, we daily pay the price in traffic congestion, air quality and a missed opportunity for healthy exercise. So, let’s get busy and vote with our feet. The benefits are solid. Plus, it’s just more neighborly.

Happy Mother’s Day to our neighbors everywhere, and happy gardening!

Don Moore, Publisher

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