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Rainwater Harvesting Comes to New Jersey

Fresh, potable water is becoming a threatened resource in the United States. With high population growth in dry states, dropping aquifer levels, drought conditions and an aging water infrastructure, at least 13 states anticipate water shortages by 2013.

Practiced around the world for over 4000 years, rainwater harvesting is gaining momentum as a modern-day water-saving and simple technology. It is an economical alternative to public water, especially for exterior water uses such as landscape irrigation, washing cars and filling pools and ponds.

A partner with the National EPA WaterSense program, John Meyer of Wet n’ Green Landscape and Irrigation in Martlon is committed to water efficiency technologies such as rainwater harvesting as well as other certified WaterSense programs developed nationally by the EPA to promote cost effectiveness and conservation of this natural resource.

A family owned and operated business, Wet ‘n’ Green Landscape and Irrigation is NJ licensed, certified and fully insured, serving both residential and commercial properties.

For additional information and a free estimate, call 856-552-0576 or visit