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The Power of Combining Two Modalities: How Paula Anderson Integrates Acupuncture and Eden Energy Medicine

Feb 24, 2011 05:48PM ● By Linda Sechrist

At first glance, Paula Anderson, a 14-year veteran of acupuncture and founder of Acu Health Center, who is also an Eden Energy Medicine Certified Practitioner, considered muscle testing a hokey phenomenon. However, just like the hundreds of other individuals, who have also watched Donna Eden call strangers out of an audience to demonstrate the technique on stage, Anderson quickly became a believer. Now in the third year of a four-year program, Anderson quips, “After using it for nearly three years, I appreciate its accuracy and that the fact that it reinforces my intuitive abilities about my client’s health challenges.”

Although most of Anderson’s work is based on acupuncture, she integrates many of Eden’s energy medicine techniques with acupuncture and occasionally uses them in combination with acupressure, holding acupuncture points on the body. “I find that combining either acupuncture or acupressure and energy medicine helps my patients more than just using one modality,” notes Anderson, who explains how she works with patients who seek her help for emotional issues. “When I place the needles and hold neurovascular points, known as frontal eminences on the head, it’s amazing how quickly the patient calms down and releases their emotional upset.” Holding neurovascular points is an aspect of the Eden Energy Medicine training as is muscle testing that can be used to demonstrate to a patient that something in the energy body has changed.

Anderson offers an example of a client in his mid-30s who suffered with severe abdominal cramping since childhood. “I considered the abdominal muscle and what meridians flow through, muscle tested the meridians and found where energy wasn’t flowing right for the process of elimination,” she advises. After selecting one particular meridian because she felt it was over-energized, Anderson held the point to sedate the excess energy. On the following visit the man reported no more cramping in his stomach and that his appetite had retuned and he was eating regular meals. “Before his visit he went without eating sometimes as long as three to five days,” clarifies Anderson, who adds that the gentleman was also using meditation and working on his emotional issues. “You can’t fix things on a physical level if you are having trouble stomaching parts of your life and you haven’t taken care of your emotional issues,” she emphasizes.

What Anderson appreciates most about Eden’s Energy Medicine is that it helps the body to meet the stressful demands and negative subtle influences of our fast paced lifestyles. “Our bodies are on full alert due to stress and other things such as genetically modified and processed foods as well as toxic chemicals in our environment, electromagnetic frequencies from computers, cell phone and cell towers,” clarifies Anderson, who points out that Energy Medicine offers tools to assess the energy system and make corrections in the energy body where needed. “In Chinese and Energy Medicine, our goal is not to give the patient the impression that we have all the answers and will tell them what to do rather we enter into a partnership that allows us to work through health challenges together,” enthuses Anderson, who teaches classes and workshops periodically. She also has a study group, which meets monthly.

Contact Paula Anderson at AcuHealth, 100 W. Camden Ave., Moorestown 08057 or call 856-222-9444.