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Health Coaches Launch 100 Women Project: Mother and Daughter Team Up

Sheri Oppenheimer and her mother, Debbie Zimmerman, are launching the 100 Women Project in an effort to connect women and give them the tools and support they need to reach their health and happiness goals once and for all.

The project stems from the mother/daughter team’s personal struggles. Zimmerman explains, “I always say I’ve lost 1600 pounds—40 pounds, 40 times. My daughter helped me learn how to finally manage my weight in a healthy, sustainable way and now we want to help the millions of other women who just want to feel good in their own skin.”

“There is a stress and weight epidemic for women in America,” says Oppenheimer. “Our mission is to begin a wellness renaissance and create a ripple effect of health and happiness, one woman at a time.”

Women are encouraged to participate by enrolling in the 100 Women Project health coaching program as a participant, becoming an ambassador to the project by sharing their expertise or becoming a friend of the project through Twitter or Facebook. The Project will culminate with a book that will celebrate the first 100 women to participate by showcasing their personal journeys.

For additional information, call Debbie Zimmerman at 856-912-3709, email [email protected] or visit

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