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Natural Awakenings South Jersey

Baby it's cold outside!

Here we are in the cold heart of winter, yet my mind keeps drifting towards visions of warmer days complete with sunlight on face and fingers in the black soil of a greening garden. In the Northeast we get to experience the cycle of the seasons at their best and worst. Yes, I appreciate the promise of tropical islands’ endless summer, but this dyed-in-the-wool Yankee wants to see the seasons change. Each one brings a different feel, fresh look and new challenge. It illustrates the ebb and flow of all life and our part in it. It reminds me to keep my life in balance.

Lately, I’ve focused on strengthening my physical center through Tai chi. This ancient form of moving meditation requires years of moments of concentrated effort. My teacher, Master Ting, is helping many to similarly strengthen and harmonize their being through practice, practice and more practice.

I remember how A Question of Balance, released in 1970 by The Moody Blues, made an impact on my life. The album’s message challenged us to change. Americans felt the shift in the air. Despite the ongoing turmoil and tragic events of the ’60s, our generation suddenly had a right to feel optimistic about the future. Eventually peace became more than a rallying cry—it became a way of life.

Woodstock’s root messages were spreading; the Earth became our home as we started to recall our intimate relationship and vital connection with the environment. A Moody Blues’ chorus captures the awakening: “Just open your eyes and realize the way it’s always been… Just open your heart and that’s a start.” Forty years later it still rings true.

New opportunities have arisen with our national quest to regain and retain balance. New Jersey is quickly leading the way in establishing alternative energy incentives and many entrepreneurs are going for it. Solar power and energy conservation centered a Sustainable Cherry Hill seminar that I attended this winter. These fast growing industries are a good sign of progress and indicate increasing consumer demand for products and services with environmental integrity. We highlight one of these businesses, The Home Energy Team, in our Sustainable Living department.

It’s never too early to start planning your spring garden, which you’ll hear more about in our next two issues. We’re here to help you get ready for the coming growing season. Let’s all see if we can start putting precious yard space to ever better use, perhaps taking inspiration from Americans’ Victory Gardens. Imagine if everyone raised their own food! It’s not only healthy for us, our communities and our planet, it tastes better.

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Best to you,
Don Moore, Publisher