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Using Crystal Eggs to Heal from Within: From Numb to Yum

by Teja Valentin, RN

They say that a woman’s sexual prime is estimated to be in her 30’s … but I beg to differ. I believe the prime of your life is when you are experiencing the juiciest version of yourself! You get to choose how and when. 

When it comes to a satisfying sex life there are many factors to consider: your overall health, your hormone levels, your partner/s, your stress level, family life, work life, even the stories you tell yourself! Our natural state is to be radiant, creative, sensual and powerful. Notice if  you feel these qualities within you? When was the last time you felt like this?

Overall, men often are more consistent with their feelings and energy and have a more constant sex drive up through their 40s. Women however, are always fluctuating literally every month which often interferes with having a yummy sex life! As we move through life we are in constant flux—from the time of our first period, in pregnancy and again in menopause. As caregivers we often find ourselves juggling child rearing, work, family, responsibilities, stress and, unfortunately, illness. 

It is no wonder, many women begin to have “issues in their tissues”—often feeling like we don’t have time or more realistically everything else is more important than attending to our own needs. It is easier to push it away instead of fixing it. As a result, we end up stuffing or numbing our pain, our inadequacies, our traumas and false beliefs about ourselves unknowingly into our womb center or uterus. Sadly, our center of creativity, sensuality, and sexuality area frequently becomes the home of our emotional baggage. 

Did you know that uterine pain can also be a symptom of struggles with not owning a part of ourselves, like our sexuality or our power? Struggles could also be with a mother or other close female relative, or not feeling safe in your “home”, whether it be physically, mentally or emotionally?

I have witnessed this with my own journey and my client’s journey. The number one thing that I see is lacking is self-love! As my own first client with a crystal egg practice, I noticed a shift in my being.  The shift spanned several months. I noticed I was no longer emotionally and physically stuck. Energy was moving again. Minor urinary incontinence post hysterectomy vanished and a bonus ... a strong pelvic floor even meant more powerful orgasms! I began to learn to carve time out for myself. Take time to notice my feelings and sensations in my body. Feeling aligned within my own energy I began to fall more in love with my body and myself. I see this happening when my clients start working with the crystal eggs.

What exactly are crystal eggs aka jade eggs or yoni eggs you ask? These “eggs” traditionally have been jade because they have been valued for their balanced energy. Jade historically has been used to attract love. Jade Crystal egg practices began as a Taoist tradition thousands of years ago. Nowadays, there are plentiful options for the type of crystal used to create the egg. Most importantly you want to purchase certified authenticated by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). The preferred choice for a beginner would be jade, rose quartz and black obsidian because of the wide range of health and sexual benefits. The jade helps with pursuing inner desires and awakening passion. Rose quartz possesses a gentle energy that helps to overcome fears and trauma of all kinds with its healing properties. Rose quartz can also deepen love and awaken desire. The black obsidian has been used by shamans for ages. It is believed that the stone has a grounding and calming effect, improving mental and emotional well-being.

These eggs carry a high vibration when placed inside the vagina and move in such a way that it massages the reflexology zones of the vital organs. As a result, sexual energy moves and circulates. A regular practice may activate vital hormones, relieve PMS, lift the uterus up, tone the facial skin, vaginal canal and G spot enhancing sexual satisfaction. 

If you choose to have a yoni egg practice, I cannot stress enough the value of a coach to help guide you through the journey as these practices can affect you on a physical, psycho-emotional and mental level as you begin to heal and move into a more loving and blissful state. 

Teja Valentin, RN, is a Love, Sex and Relationship Coach and Certified Crystal Egg/Women’s Empowerment Coach. For more information or to make an appointment, call 609-905-LOVE, email [email protected] or visit

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