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Smart Bodies Personal Training Center

There’s a one-size-fits-all way to try to look and feel our best through all the seasons of life. According to Anthony Capozzoli, owner of the Smart Bodies Personal Training Center, in Marlton, it’s exercise, especially for women.

Exercise is the one controllable factor to improving overall health for everyone,” says Capozzoli, a certified trainer with more than two decades of experience. “Regular workouts for women are so important and can positively impact everything from hormonal levels, bone health, weight management and sleep.” In addition to lowering blood pressure and reducing cholesterol and the likelihood of cardiovascular disease, regular workouts can also help prevent diabetes and improve mood and cognition in everyone.

We offer personal training in a non-intimidating and motivating atmosphere,” says Capozzoli, of his center which has been the area’s leading facility of its kind since 1996. Smart Bodies boasts reasonable and affordable fitness training plans design specifically to meet their clients’ varied health and fitness levels as well as their busy schedules.

There are no membership fees,” Capozzoli says. “Our clients purchase blocks of sessions which can be used whenever they want. We also keep costs down by partner training with two people at one time.”

The center uses different approaches to important strength training. “In addition to the traditional free weights, we incorporate effective resistance training using a variety of cable and band systems,” he adds. “And, we’re very excited to be introducing the SquatMaxMD, which is a squat belt system that implements a safer traction method and not the possible harmful spine compressions often associated with barbell squats.”

Personal and one-on-one training is also available as well as nutritional counseling, access to an extensive, fully equipped cardio room and stretching sessions. “Many of our clients enjoy our flexible, convenient and easy-to-use virtual in-home training sessions,” Capozzoli says. “I’ll have clients who will text me that they will be available in an hour and we’re able to set them up quickly with a last-minute-appointment, if necessary. We also offer reoccurring appointment times to keep them consistent. The one-on-one video sessions we offer are really no different than if I were with them in person.”

The 4,100-square-foot facility also offers boxing instruction with women making up almost half of the sessions. According to Capozzoli, boxing improves cardiovascular health and overall body strength as well as increases hand-eye coordination. In addition, it can help with stamina and endurance, and boosts mental health and general well-being by decreasing stress and building confidence.

Open seven days a week, Smart Bodies Personal Training Center is located at 55 Rte. 70 E., Units 5, 6 & 7, Marlton. For more information, call 856-983-2625 or visit


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