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OsteoStrong Garden State Park

Even among the highly health conscious, bone health and wellness often takes a backseat in the minds of most people.  

“We need to begin to understand the critical role our bones play in not only supporting our bodies, but enabling us to move,” says OsteoStrong Garden State Park Wellness Center Manager Jackie D’Orazio. 

Living, growing tissue, our skeletal system protects our brain, heart and other organs from injury, and no matter what age or condition, can always be improved upon. 

That’s where OsteoStrong’s four patented Spectrum circuit machines can help. Each are non-invasive and designed specifically to provide clients’ the crucial weight-bearing osteogenic loading which stimulates bone-building cells and can reverse osteopenia and osteoporosis over time. 

There have been tangible improvements in clients’ sequential Dexa scans.* And, anecdotal evidence abounds. Being able to climb stairs and accomplish more challenging yoga poses to just feeling more stable and confident walking have been reported. 

The real beauty of the OsteoStrong approach is that clients, no matter their age, gender or lifestyle, can cycle through the machines once a week in as little as 10 minutes and not break a sweat. No special clothing or shoes are required and coaches are on hand to carefully supervise each session.    

In addition to the OsteoStrong Spectrum circuit machines, the center also offers other modalities of treatment including a VibePlate* which can activate muscular tissue, increase circulation and regulate human growth hormones. Their Red Light* therapy reduces inflammation and joint pain. And, the Normatec Compression* therapy moves blood and fluid through the body promoting circulation. The center’s PEMI Mat* helps enhance healing and recovery, supports bone health and improves well-being. Further, the BioCharger* restores strength, stamina, energy and mental clarity. 

Strong bones lead to strong muscles which can decrease the risk of falls and injuries, improve athletic performance and posture, reduce back and joint pain, increase bone density and range of motion.  

Location: 951 Haddonfield Rd., Ste 3B, Cherry Hill, NJ. For more information, call 856-759-1000, email [email protected] or visit 

*No physical exercise is 100 percent safe and neither is OsteoStrong. OsteoStrong provides a unique way to emulate a high-impact load of force to achieve osteogenic loading, without the high impact. While not 100 percent safe, OsteoStrong is significantly safer than attempting high-impact force. OsteoStrong members have reported improvements in bone density, balance and strength and reductions in joint pain HbA1c. Results may vary. Consult your physician. Statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or health condition. OsteoStrong centers are independently owned and operated. OsteoStrong’s Science Advisor received his Ph.D. from Rushmore University, certified/accredited in accordance with UK National Standards, but whose accreditation is not recognized in some jurisdictions. All rights reserved. 




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