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Corps Wellness Brings Work-Life Harmony to the Corporate World

Dec 30, 2022 08:15AM ● By Nancy Seigle

Over the past three years, Nicole Monello—a corporate wellness coach, group program facilitator and owner of Corps Wellness—has offered a variety of wellness services to all levels of employees within the Fortune 500 corporations that have hired her, starting with 45-minute team Zoom yoga sessions to full-day peer coaching and panel discussions. Monello was able to bring her services to almost 20,000 employees worldwide. Through Corps Wellness, she can now bring conscientious leadership, mindful management and work-life harmony coaching and mentoring to all corporations. 

“Since the pandemic hit, we’ve all been living in a constantly changing world, especially our corporate and/or work world,” says Monello. “Constant change has had a huge impact on employees and leaders alike. Each year, we see the top workforce trends being wellness in the workplace, but each year corporations fall short of bringing this to their employees. This year’s trend is how major corporations are trying to lure their employees back to the office. Companies are bringing new amenities into the corporate space, but most companies still need to bring more. They need to show that they care about their employees’ well-being at work and at home. There needs to be some course of work-life harmony. Most importantly, they need to bring people together again. We need to rebuild our communities.” 

For more information, call 215-266-5292 or email [email protected].

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