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This Month's Crossword Puzzle

Jul 29, 2022 09:00AM ● By Nancy Seigle



1 Belief in yourself and your abilities

6 Liquid dosage measurement, abbr.

8 Accountant, abbr.

9 Purpose

10 Key factor in children's health

11 Baseball stat, abbr.

13 Therefore

14 Approximate arrival time, abbr.

15 Essential oil produced from the blossom of the bitter orange tree

18 Leave

19 Rain unit

21 Protein filled shellfish with a low carbon footprint

25 Give the OK

26 Golf hole start

27 Original manufacturer's equipment, abbr.

29 Perseverance

30 Refined ____: many sources confirm this is bad for a kid's health

33 One of the best ways for parents to help their kids learn how to live a good life, 3 words

35 Hospital unit for dire situations, abbr.

36 Type of salmon

37 Small whirlpool


1 Shellfish type (one of of the most sustainable proteins on the planet)

2 Label

3 Natural

4 Consume

5 Herb used in omelets, fish dishes, potatoes and soups, ______s

6 Coast Guard rank, abbr.

7 Honest

8 "See ya"

12 Concerning

15 Bouquet for a wine

16 Aromatic plant

17 Encompassing all resources in medicine or other disciplines

18 Stomach in slang

19 Processes food

20 Fido or Tabby, for example

22 Kind of oil or seed

23 Record

24 Ocean plant full of antioxidants

28 Form of address

31 ". . . with a banjo on my ___"

32 Shaft for a rotating wheel under a car

34 Before as a prefix

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