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January Crossword Puzzle

Dec 30, 2021 03:50PM ● By Shae Marcus


    1  Age-old practice for spiritual healing and enlightenment, 2 words

    6  Experts now finding  that more than 70 per cent of our ___ that codes for health and longevity is under our control

    8  Asian legumes being used to mimic the experience of eating a hamburger

    9  Neither's alternative

  10  Unwell

  11  Source of natural energy

  12  Mustard family plant

  14  Dashboard feature

  16  Indian beverage associated with Ayurvedic medicine, 2 words

  18  Spoil

  20  Berry with health-giving properties

  21  Device that records the time it takes to get to sleep and how many times the wearer awakens during the night, ____ Ring

  22  Discouraging words

  23  Degree, abbr.

  24  Coffee drink alternative

  26  Atmosphere layer

  27  "Wonderful!"

  28  Dip in a cup

  29  Consumed



    1  Milk-related

    2  Medical studies

    3  Writing fluid

    4  Environmentally friendly color

    5  Approves

    6  Herbal remedy used for centuries to enhance detoxifying functions particularly of the liver, 2 words

    7  Land areas

  11  Blackthorn berry

  12  Spice that has been added to coffee for centuries that may lower blood sugar, as well as having anti-inflammatory properties

  13  Mr, sheep

  14  Venus __ milo

  15  Biological pocket

  17  Fate

  18  Traditional Japanese drink made from powdered young, green tea leaves

  19  Crunchy red veggie

  21  Rowboat mover

  23  Daring

  25  Yang's counterpart


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