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10 Super Food Groups to the Body’s Rescue

Dec 30, 2021 09:00AM ● By Nancy Seigle

by Jaycee Miller 

Staying fit and losing weight are some of the most popular new year’s resolutions of all time. Eating healthy is one way to begin and maintain these worthy goals. 

One possible way to “further enhance a healthy eating pattern” is by consuming superfoods, writes Katherine D. McManus, a contributor to

Here are 10 superfood groups and why their corresponding sources believe they are worthy of such status, and more.  

1. Blueberries and Strawberries for their ability, when eaten fresh and not in sugar-loaded pastries, “to lower blood pressure and protect blood vessels,” states  

2. Fish like tuna steaks, trout, anchovies and sardines, for their omega-3 content, notes McManus. The substance is linked to improved brain health during pregnancy and better eye health, according to  

3. Dark Leafy Greens like kale and spinach help consumers avoid heart disease and many types of cancers and also strengthen bones, according to  

4. Cruciferous Vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower as “they are an excellent source of fiber [and] vitamins” and may stave off some kinds of cancer, writes McManus who recommends steaming or sautéing them.  

5. Flaxseed since it helps lower cholesterol and may make irritable bowel syndrome, well, not so irritable, states the blog of Cooper University Health system’s website, found at That website also suggests adding flaxseed to a salad.  

6. Cooked Tomatoes have nutrients to fend off certain kinds of cancer, says, and according to McManus, can enhance stews and soups, according to McManus.  

7. Olives and olive oil for their ability to help stave off heart disease, reports, and encourages using these to make homemade pizza. 

8. Beans since it helps prevent cardiovascular disease, writes McManus. She also recommends adding them to soups, salads and casseroles.  

9. Oats which assist the body in digesting all sorts of foods and can help prevent heart attacks or strokes, according to Steel oats are preferred, the website continues.    

10. Low-fat yogurt with cultures for its ability to enhance one’s immune system, according to, further noting that stirring in granola or other healthy “toppings” is also okay.  

“Superfoods are good sources of fiber, minerals and vitamins, as well as being low in calories. In other words, you get more food for fewer calories while filling up,” adds Lindsey Stromberg, formerly a registered dietitian at Cooper University Hospital. “Superfoods [also] help fight chronic diseases, such as cancer and heart disease, helps increase your lifespan, keeps your immune system healthy and improves your energy.” In addition, healthy foods increase one’s odds of experiencing a boost in mood and a better night’s sleep, states 

Stromberg notes that a variety of superfoods must be eaten regularly over time to yield the best results.  

“Eating just one superfood in isolation does not ensure your good health,” Stromberg adds. “You need a team of superfoods that function together, and you need to eat a variety of foods every day.” 


Jaycee Miller is a freelance researcher, blogger and writer living in New Jersey. 


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