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Universal Outreach

Nov 30, 2021 09:00AM ● By Nancy Seigle

by Matt Preston 

As the year wraps up, it’s a nice time to take stock in how the universe may be reaching out in positive and uplifting ways. And one thing that humanity needs now more than ever, and has pretty much always needed, is a positive energy. Here are three ways the universe may try to get that message out. 

Signs, although sometimes they aren’t easy to recognize. When the universe uses signs, it can be anything to anyone and endless in nature. It can be related to taking a new job in a new city, maybe Seattle. If all of a sudden you start getting Starbucks coupons even though you don’t drink coffee or notice an inordinate amount of Frasier reruns on TV, that could be a pattern for sure. 

Another common example of signs is numbers. It can sometimes be hard to explain as the most common critique is that someone is looking for them.  

The best are the truly random examples that occur, the gym being an easy place for that. It could be looking up at the TV at just the right time to see lottery numbers that match someone’s signs, checking a stopwatch or looking at the treadmill panel at just the right moment so see the numbers pass by. These are some of the many great ways that the universe puts out subtle nods. 

Energy is another way to know that positives are either here now or around the corner. Even when things aren’t going great, if someone still shows that drive to be positive, it’s such an important way to engage. This shows a determination to keep one’s vibes at a higher level. 

This could also be a great way to get someone to focus on their talents or opportunities or help those around the community. This is especially true for artists, that find that their energy is at its most positive when they’re expressing themselves. Just the same, this could go for athletes, those that like to garden or cook or essentially anyone open enough to receive. 

This doesn’t always have to be something that’s Earth shattering or life altering either, but just being able to absorb the message. And having your head and heart space prepped and ready to go to receive it could, literally, make all the difference in the world. 

Destiny is something that’s a little harder to pin down and is hardly an exact science. It’s not exactly tangible, but the concept is proven all the time. There are many examples of  meeting people that affect us positively or negatively, zigging when they could have zagged. 

We have to stop being our own worst enemies as a species and not just listen, but engage the process in a positive way. In looking at just these three aspects, it’s a great template to help us focus on what someone could be missing. And if just a quarter of humanity did this, consider how much longer it would it take for the rest of us to catch up. The hope remains it wouldn’t be too long. 




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