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THERMOGRAPHY Is the Root of TDI’s Wellness Approach

Sep 30, 2021 12:40PM ● By Sheila Julson

As a pioneer of thermography in South New Jersey, Dr. Philip Getson has incorporated thermography into his osteopathic practice, Thermographic Diagnostic Imaging (TDI), since 1982. Thermography is a non-invasive form of thermal imaging that uses an infrared camera that senses heat and records patterns of inflammation and blood flow near the surface of the body. It is used as a risk assessment tool to detect potential inflammatory problems in the breast, thyroid, neuromuscular and oral health systems. 

Unlike imaging such as X-ray or mammography, in which a form of radiation is penetrated through the body to detect anatomical lesions, thermography uses infrared technology to determine abnormal physiological changes that could lead to cancer. Getson works with his wife, Liesha, a Holistic Health Coach and board-certified Thermographic Technician. TDI provides a comprehensive approach with nine images taken in color and nine images taken in black and white and incorporates a complimentary, 10-minute phone conference with Getson to review the findings. 

By assessing physiology, abnormal changes can usually be detected seven to 10 years before they become problematic masses. “When we find abnormalities in the breast, women have a huge window of opportunity to make dietary and lifestyle changes, such as eliminating underwire bras and ceasing use of aluminum-based antiperspirants,” Liesha explains. “That, along with exercise and stress reduction, play a huge part in not just breast health, but overall health.” 

Getson also sees many patients with thyroid complaints. He notes that a patient could have an underlying thyroid issue even when laboratory testing comes back normal. Thermography can detect a physiological thyroid anomalities, which is often traced to untreated dental infections. “We now know there is an interrelationship between dental infections and thyroid abnormalities,” he says. “We’re helping people understand they have to resolve issues in their mouths because dental infections left untreated can lead to all kinds of problems.”  

When a problem is detected through thermographic imaging, the TDI team has a referral network of biological dentists and clinicians that can further screen for abnormalities and take steps to correct any problems. Thermography should not be used in place of mammography or other imaging to detect, diagnose or screen for breast cancer or other diseases, but the two methods can complement each other. TDI has portable thermography equipment made specifically for medical applications. They travel to 20 off-site locations to do thermography at OB/GYN clinics, chiropractor’s offices and naturopathic practices. 

TDI’s retail component offers professional-grade vitamins and supplements. Their sauna “pod” uses infrared heat to help patients relieve pain, increase blood flow and open cells for detoxification. The sauna also promotes relaxation and meditation. 

Liesha enjoys meeting women that are health conscious and forward thinking when it comes to their wellness. Getson considers himself privileged to practice with an approach that treats root causes of ailments rather than just symptoms. “People have an opportunity to be part of their health care,” he concludes. “To see people follow my recommendations and take steps to be healthier and change the way they look and feel—and to later see those results—really drives me.” 


Thermographic Diagnostic Imaging is located at 100 Brick Rd., Ste. 206, in Marlton. For more information or to make an appointment, call 856-596-5834 or visit

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