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Opening the Metaphysical World to Our Children

by Maryann Pino Miller

Lest we forget … inside each and every child from newborn to 18 and, of course, beyond is divine essence, a spiritual being embarking on a journey in physical form.  

Your child’s journey includes experiencing all the beauty and wonders of our magnificent Mother Earth—the thrill of riding a wave, the challenge of building a sand castle or a tree house, the fun singing, dancing, playing sports, rolling in the colorful crunchy autumn leaves, sledding, building snowmen, roasting marshmallows, hugging, and the list goes on … all of which can only be experienced through their physical bodies. Their journey also is one of self-discovery that includes remembering their true essence … love.

As we know, once we enter our physical bodies we begin to lose touch with our true essence.  Life presents us with many experiences, but as children we don’t yet quite have the tools to experience them in a healthy way, to make sense of them and put them in their proper perspective. So many of the experiences become traumas that are buried away only to show up as we grow older. And they can show up at the most inopportune times.

Many adults, including me, have stated, “I wish I knew then what I know now.” When I stated those words, I added, “I would have enjoyed my life more, I would remember more and I would not be burnt to a crisp now.” 

And many parents want their children to experience life differently than they as children did. Introducing them to the metaphysical world may help. And it is never too early to start.


Even though children cannot put life experiences into perspective to deal with them, they do have a resonance with the metaphysical world. It is helpful to remember the Spirit within each and every one of them.

You can share with them the new thoughts, beliefs and tools you are working with as you deal with your childhood traumas. Sharing these with your children now will help them with their self-talk, making it more uplifting, empowering and, most of all, loving.  And they can be guided to become aware of their feelings, to honor and accept them and how to process them … so they don’t get buried to wreak havoc with their self-image, self-esteem and worthiness, and to increase levels of anxiety, stress, fearfulness, judgment, and the list goes on.

Suggested Concepts

These concepts can help set the foundational energy of self-love and self-acceptance.  


 You are divine. You have a beautiful bright light within you.

   You are perfect, whole and complete just as you are. You are still as God/Universe/Source created you and you always will be.

   You are love. You are lovable. You are loved.

   You are worthy of all the good you could ever imagine and so much more because God/Universe/Source created you worthy.

  You are safe and protected always. God/Universe/Source is the source of your protection. Envision big beautiful angels all around you guarding and guiding you.

  You always are doing your best. Your best is always good enough.

  It is safe for you to be you. It is safe for you to speak your truth.

  You are your best friend. Only your opinion of you matters. 

To empower children:

  Your thoughts are creative. Your thoughts create your life. Thinking positive thoughts brings positive things to you. You are in charge of your thoughts.

Suggested Activities

Affirmations – positive statements to create the reality the child wants.

Breathing Techniques – breathing slowly and deeply while surrounded in a soft blue light can reduce anxiety.

Crystals – children are naturally drawn to crystals.

Day Dreaming – let their imagination run wild.

Journaling/Drawing – it’s private so it can be a safe place to express thoughts and feelings not yet ready for sharing with others.

Meditation/Mindfulness – fosters the connection to self.

Reiki – offers a beautiful flow of Universal Life Energy to introduce calm and peace as well as healing of physical ailments.

Time with Mother Nature – soaking up its beauty soothes the mind and soul and floods the body with negative ions revving up its ability to take care of itself.

Visualizations – can bring focus to wishes and dreams.

Yogi/Tai Chi/Qigong – activities that involve movement, breathing and awareness.


Help your child build a toolbox …

  basic go-to concepts 

  affirmations pertinent to the issue at hand

  physical activity to release and channel new energy 

  quiet time to become comfortable with self and learn the sense of power it gives

  self-expression … journaling, drawing, dancing, acting, playing

This venture into the metaphysical can provide another avenue of more open communication and connection between you and your child. Trust your intuition to guide you.

There are practitioners at The Center, Life in Balance, in Medford. that work with children individually and in groups. Check them out at

Maryann Pino Miller is a spiritual teacher, Awareness Coach and author.

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