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Natural Awakenings South Jersey

June Crossword Puzzle


    1  Leading cause of death in men in the USA, 2 words

    7  Detox

    8  High cholesterol breakfast food

  10  Supplement used in treating anemia

  12  Advise

  14  Letter addition

  16  Prosecutor, for short

  17  Poisonous

  18  Gentle and friendly

  19  A patient has to have one

  20  Places for scientific study

  21  Common food linked to inflammation and other health issues

  24  Planting them helps the environment

  27  No longer working, abbr.

  29  Beneficial nutrient in restoring the lining of blood vessels

  30  Sunflower seed product

  31  Two pills, maybe

  32  Trust, with on

  33  Food which can trigger inflammation



    1  Frantic and stressful

    2  Consumed

    3  Look after

    4  It's applied on a strain to reduce swelling

    5  Fading slowly

    6  Came together

    9  Relating to vegetables such as cabbage, broccoli and cresses

  11  Lennon's Yoko

  13  Breakfast cereal grains

  14  Exercise that builds core strength

  15  Lasting mark on the skin

  17  NFL scores, abbr.

  22  Hard-to-control impulses

  23  Train, with in

  24  Tot's stomach

  25  Like many peanuts

  26  Among

  28  Exercise machine in a gym