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I remember my mom always yelling, “Eat all your fruits and vegetables; it will keep you healthy.” I never understood why.

Feb 27, 2021 03:51PM ● By Shae Marcus

I remember my mom always yelling, “Eat all your fruits and vegetables; it will keep you healthy.” I never understood why. It was just “the rule.” Fast forward and that same mantra can be heard uttered in my home by me to my children. The difference is as an adult I have become passionate about eating a clean diet and understanding the “why” behind it. Nutrition plays such an important role in our lives—from energy levels, to gut and brain health, to weight management, to disease prevention, and the list goes on. The bottom line is good nutrition is the key to good mental and physical health. Mom was right!

 I’m glad to report that the main theme of this month’s issue is food and nutrition. Inside these pages you will find a wealth of information on this vital topic, including an article on the benefits of bone broth; a piece on tea; an interview with elementary-age kids on what it means to eat healthy; a feature on regenerative farming; and an article on indoor edible gardening. There’s even nutrition help served up for our canine companions in our Natural Pet section, which explores obesity in dogs.

 Another theme of the March edition is plant medicine for mental health. Our Green Living section focuses on hemp-derived cannabidiol and our Healthy Ways section examines psychedelic medicines. As a publisher of a holistic health and wellness magazine, I feel it’s incumbent on us to share the different approaches to mental health, including the healing potential that psychedelic medicines may have when prescribed by a doctor. That said, we are not advocating or condoning the use; we are simply providing cutting-edge information to help readers make informed decisions.

 Speaking of mental health, we also have an insightful piece on how COVID-19 is impacting children’s mental health. In addition, this issue contains an interview with Jeff Tkach on

regenerative healthcare and the following articles: “Designing Your House for the Five Senses,” “On a Roll—Foam Rollers Ease Pain and Workout Recovery” and “Healing from Grief—Four Ways to Find Peace.”

 As you can see, our March issue is filled to the brim with content that I’m confident you will find both eye-opening and interesting.

May your March be magnificent!




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