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Natural Awakenings South Jersey

Spiritual Teacher Joins Soon-to-Be-Open Excitari Wellness Center

Excitari Wellness Center, which will be opening soon in Medford at 30 Jackson Road, Unit D1, welcomes Christine Gurganus, LCE. Gurganus is a spiritual psychic, medium, healer and teacher who has been trained in metaphysics from the age of 4. Her abilities come from a long ancestral line of gifted psychics and mediums.

 Gurganus will also offer the following services at Excitari: unhooking, feng shui consulting, and life coaching. 

 Gurganus is also a licensed certified empath with the American Empath Association, who assists clients with harnessing their empathic skills and provides professional support for empaths. Her other certifications include a CMM (certified meditation master), a CLC (certified life coach) and a certification in tactical imaging, which is a spiritually based method designed to access the subconscious mind and put the individual into alpha, if not theta, brainwave patterns, thus allowing the individual access to the most remote memories that trouble him or her. By offering this method, Gurganus is able to assist clients in finding the starting point of their problems, which were acquired many years ago, and help plan their future life from their subconscious mind. 

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