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Natural Awakenings South Jersey

Professional Life and Relationship Coach Offering Virtual Sessions

Professional Life and Relationship Coach Lisa Colclough, of Colclough Global Coaching, is a New Jerseyan who is excited to work with people, including the LGBTQIA+ community, via Zoom, Facetime or conference call style.

“During a session last week, one of my couples asked, ‘How do we settle this?’ It was one of those frustrating situations where no one’s a winner. My advice was the dreaded ‘C’ word: ‘compromise.’ I suggested, ‘Take turns winning,’” recounts Colclough.

“Pride and competition are commonplace in our society, but literally have no place in our relationships; with it comes resentment, jealousy and mistrust,” states Colclough. “If you’re serious about your current or future relationship, you’ll work hard at putting both pride and competition in the ‘back seat’ for good.”

Colclough asks those to trust her not because she’s a relationship coach, but a woman who has had to overcome her own poor choices.

 “A great relationship should grow you into a selfless person—one who begins to think about your community and how you can make a significant impact in the world,” she explains. “My wish for you is a great relationship that gives you the support to explore and the courage to find the real you.”

For more information or to make an appointment, contact Lisa Colclough at 215-680-0717 or [email protected]