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Natural Awakenings South Jersey

Fall Backyard Lovefests Now Available in South Jersey

Oct 30, 2020 02:21PM ● By Shae Marcus

The Consciousness Cultivator and Lady of Sanctuary have teamed up to create the Fall Backyard Lovefest, a fun two-hour event designed to clear stress, fear and doubt from one’s energy and connect with one’s divine inner wisdom that is held in the safety of one’s backyard for 10 or more friends and/or family members. November dates are now available.

For many of us that are experiencing emotional upheavals in these recent chaotic months, it’s critical to make time for family and friends to stabilize and ground ourselves in the energy of love. A Fall Backyard Lovefest is a safe, physically distant way for folks to experience more love energy in their life and project more love out into the world.

Combining the art of mindfulness with the sacred Celtic spiritual circle tradition, Michelle will guide attendees in creating the vibration needed to attract more abundance into their life using their own divine energy. Candles and chocolate are included. 

During the second part of the event, attendees learn how to use the energy of crystals to anchor their intentions with their own divine inner wisdom. Christine will guide participants through the process of crafting their own crystal bracelet, a talisman for the energies they will call into their life. Bracelet supplies are included.

Cost: $45 per person; minimum of 10, plus the host, whose attendance is free. For more information or to schedule a Fall Backyard Lovefest, call 609-379-3304 or email [email protected]
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