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Eighty-six Acres of Farmland Preserved in Franklin Township

According to the Corwonski family, it was their father’s wish that their property always remain a farm. Now, thanks to the work of the nonprofit conservation organization South Jersey Land and Water Trust (SJLWT) in cooperation with Franklin Township, his wish will be granted. The 86 acres of farmland that have been in the Corwonski family for generations is now permanently preserved. 

For more than 25 years, SJLWT has worked to preserve land across Southern New Jersey. As of this year, SJLWT has preserved more than 1,500 acres of open space and over 600 acres of farmland. The preservation of this Franklin Township property, however, breaks new ground for the organization. 

“This is the first farm that has been settled since SJLWT assumed the management responsibilities for Franklin Township’s Municipal Farmland Preservation Program,” says Ken Atkinson, the Land Program Manager with SJLWT. Earlier last year, SJLWT formed a partnership with Franklin Township to work to preserve farmland like this property throughout the town. 

In addition to preserving the rural beauty of an area, the preservation of these 86 acres of farmland also protects the health of local natural resources. Farmland helps to recharge groundwater and provide critical habitat for local wildlife and protect the biodiversity of our environment. 

SJLWT is a nonprofit organization that works to preserve and protect South Jersey’s open space and farmland and educate the public about the importance of threatened species and habitats. 

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