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Virtua Health ~ For Safe Women’s Health Care

While you may have put your normal healthcare needs on the back burner due to COVID-19, Virtua Health wants to let the public know that their providers are available for conducting annual physicals and gynecology exams, health screenings like mammograms and Pap smears, help for managing chronic diseases like diabetes or high blood pressure and for specialty care. 

They recognize many may have fears and concerns about seeking care. They know, understand and respect such feelings—none of us has ever experienced something quite like this. They also want to be sure people don’t delay care that’s necessary to keep and maintain health.

Virtua Health has carefully designed enhanced precautions to reduce risks and keep everyone healthy until a vaccination is in place for COVID-19. Here are a few of the safety measures that have been implemented at their offices and other locations:

·       Require all individuals to wear facemasks while in our facilities and offices; provided as needed. 

·       Practice and reinforce social distancing everywhere for enhanced safety.

·       Prescreen everyone scheduled for an appointment by phone for any COVID-19 symptoms before they enter facilities and offices.

·       Schedule fewer patients to limit the number of people in our facilities and to allow for ample time for cleaning and disinfecting between patients.

·       Require extensive cleaning and disinfecting protocols between each patient appointment, as well as deeper cleaning at least once a day.

·       Provide a call-upon-arrival process for many services to minimize people congregating in waiting areas or at reception desks.

·       Test all individuals for COVID-19 within 72 hours prior to an invasive procedure or surgery.

·       Provide designated-COVID-19 and non-COVID-19 units and procedure rooms to minimize exposure.

·       Ensure all employees and clinicians have appropriate personal protective equipment.

·       Offer telehealth video and telephone visits whenever appropriate.

Virtua Health hopes these precautions highlight the aggressive steps they are taking to reduce risk and ensure a safe environment, especially as people assess their readiness to go back out into the community and get back to moving forward with their health. 

Whether one needs their first or 25th routine annual exam, an important screening like a Pap smear or mammogram, to address an incontinence issue or a consult with a women’s cardiac, breast or other specialist, Virtua Health women’s healthcare experts are available to care for you. 

For more information including safety measures being taken at facilities, rescheduling an appointment that was postponed or to make a new one, or connecting to care throughout Virtua’s health system, call 844-896-6367 (VWomen-70) or visit

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Virtua Health - Marlton, NJ

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