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Laura Reed’s Peace of Earth Shop Specializes in ‘Hygge’ by Ellen Kershner

The word hygge may not be familiar to most people, and according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, it’s pronounced “ˈh(y)o͞oɡə” and defined as a comfortable quality that engenders feelings of contentment. Burlington’s boutique wellness store Peace of Earth’s Laura Reed defines it simply, though: “It’s Swedish for feel good!” she says. This is what her shop specializes in. 

Everything Under the Sun for Inspiration

Peace of Earth opened last April, and Reed’s goal is to uplift and inspire everyone that walks in. Her store is sourced by small business and sells things that aren’t found on large online retailers or big box stores. “I choose products that are organic and all-natural,” she says. “Things that are good for you, vegan, and sustainable.” Her offerings also include handmade goods that are recycled and upcycled.

Her personal care product lines include all-natural shaving and skin care for men and therapeutic-grade essential oils. There are also children’s items like organic baby care and stuffed animals and toys. Customers can also browse through eco-friendly paints and crayons and pet products while checking out handmade handbags and jewelry crafted by local artisans.

Reed also sells different kinds of carefully curated foods, including gluten free and vegan choices. Her shelves are stocked with goodies like chocolates, granola and superfood mixes; there’s also a good selection of local honey, teas and chutneys.

One of Reed’s favorite products is the Hyggelight. It’s a soy candle that comes in a container that can be repurposed as its label is packed with real wildflower seeds attached. “Once the candle is finished, the label can then be planted in the container,” she explains. Peace of Earth also sells home and garden products like natural cleaners, pet goods, plus CBD products. 

Giving Back to the Community

Reed’s suppliers are all smaller companies that prioritize giving back to their communities. One of them is Simply Earth, an essential oil company. “They give back 13% of their proceeds to end human trafficking,” she says. Peace of Earth is starting to build its own plan for giving back and has started by donating to local charity events. Reed has contributed to organizations such as the Burlington Running Club; she’s on Main Street Burlington’s Board of Directors; and the shop offers a recycled bag program. Customers receive 10% off of their purchase each time they reuse their Peace of Earth bags.

From the Family Farm to Burlington

Reed grew up on a sod farm in West Windsor where her family raised steer, chickens and harvested the one-acre fruit and vegetable garden for personal consumption. “It was an ideal way to grow up,” she says. After running the office and being a partner for 13 years, she decided to open her own mind/body/spirit shop called Travelin’ Soul, in Allentown, New Jersey. It turned out to be her passion―she likes being personal with customers, and her goal is to “uplift and inspire everyone, even if it’s just a smile or some personal time.”

After raising three children and remarrying in 2019, Reed relocated to Florence Township. She and her daughter were walking around Burlington one day and opening another shop was the last thing on her mind. After a chance meeting with a local bed and breakfast owner, Reed felt the all-familiar feeling that she should open a shop in Burlington. She was very certain―and it all fell into place from that point on. “I have been so well-received here; my customers are the best,” she exclaims. “They are so loving and happy to have Peace of Earth here.”

Other Strong Influences

Sadly, her mother passed away from cancer nine years ago, and Reed feels that all the gardening her mom did could be a contributing factor. “Years back, they didn’t know what pesticides did to the body,” she says. She wanted to increase awareness about what people put into and onto their bodies along with the products they put into the earth.

As an adopted child, Reed first met her birth mother when she was 26. This was also inspiring as her birth mom ran a small family market where customers often dropped in for a cup of coffee and to shoot the breeze. She was very loving, enjoyed hanging out and chatting, and was known to bake treats to hand out around the holidays.

“People just want to come in and talk, feel inspired and have a great sense about them when they leave,” Reed adds. Her goal is to uplift others and be of service to them. It could be something as small as a birthday gift they need for a birthday, something to help them along their way, and always with a little bit of “hygge.”

Peace of Earth is located at 243 High St., in Burlington. For more information, call 609-784-3034 or visit

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