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Treating Scoliosis Naturally

For most, the cause of their scoliosis is unknown, but what has been found with posture therapy is that those with scoliosis have shoulder, scapular and pelvic disparities and dysfunctions that create or exacerbate spinal curvature and pain. When what is happening above, below and around the spine is addressed with the proper movements and positions, the spine responds.

See the before photo of a client that came to Aligned by Design Inc. with a constant pain level of eight out of 10. After six sessions of posture therapy, in less than four months her pain level had dropped to a two out of 10 and her spinal curvature was reduced (see the after photo). What created the change was not addressing her spine directly; her scoliosis was treated successfully by working with her body as a unit and going after the muscular imbalances and dysfunctions that were creating an environment for spinal curvature and pain. Her scapula, shoulders and hips moved closer to design position and function, and her spine simply responded. 

This is good news for those that wish to address their scoliosis naturally or for those that have tried other methods that have not produced the results they had wanted. 

Aligned by Design Inc. offers free 30-minute consultations, so people can see if posture therapy is right for them. It is not for everyone, but for those with whom it resonates, it is a life changer. 

 Contact Postural Alignment Specialist Deb Freeman, of Aligned by Design Inc., at 856-495-6604 to schedule a complimentary consultation. 

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