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Posture Matters Class Series for Chronic Pain and Limitations

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As part of Yoga for Living’s ongoing Postural Alignment Class, postural alignment specialist Deb Freeman is offering a four-week Posture Matters Class Series on Tuesdays in February at 5:30 p.m. at the Cherry Hill wellness center 

Now, more than ever, our posture matters. Due largely to our fast-paced, stress-filled, convenience-based society, we are succumbing more and more at an increasingly younger age to pains and limitations created by postural dysfunction.

Everyone knows that our vehicles need alignment or there will be increased wear and tear and potential breakdown. The same is true of our bodies; they also need to get aligned. Pain and loss of physical capabilities are actually final warning signs of postural misalignment.

This class series is perfect for those that desire to live life free from chronic pain and limitations, including those that are already experiencing physical pain and loss of functionality. 


Attendees should expect to learn just how much one’s posture matters and what one can do to come into better alignment, as well as be ready to experience how improved alignment leads to increased balance and strength, flexibility and stability, appearance and confidence, and health and fitness. 


Location: 1926 Greentree Rd. For more information, call 856-404-7287. 

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