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Prosperity Practice: Think Beyond the Money and Attract More into your Life By Ellen Kershner

Life Coach Brandon Handley’s Passion Project

Life coach Brandon Handley understands that the only way to achieve authentic happiness is to overcome limiting beliefs. Whenever hehears a client say “I can’t,” he turns it around and tells them to focus on how and why they “can” instead. 

Although his company is named Prosperity Practice, Handley is not a financial advisor. He helps others achieve realprosperity, which he describes as “success without limits.” This includeshealth and wellness, a rewarding life and not being dragged down and unhappy while earning money. His own rags-to-riches story is inspirational and shows how his mindset helps him and others reach their goals and live their best lives.

Past Influences Lead to Personal Development

Handley grew up in California and was influenced by his mother, who he described as a “hippie” and interested in Eastern Philosophy. His family did not live their lives according to traditional norms, Handley was not pushed too hard to get top grades in school. Instead, he was encouraged to forge his own path and follow it wherever it took him. Years later he found himself homeless, but eventually worked his way up to a six-figure income (without a college degree) working for Cisco, the international technology conglomerate.

While working there seven years, he integrated his win-win mentality into his daily responsibilities and became a successful inside salesperson. He hired a sales coach who turned into a life coach and mentor. Handley began to look at his daily practices, health, routines and habits. Over time, he fell in love with the personal development space and started coaching and supporting his colleagues.

The Law of Attraction

“How many people can truthfully say that their careers are passion projects?” Handley asked. Most people do not fall into this category and this is at the heart of Prosperity Practice. After he worked with his life coach, he took things a step further and began self-development work. He studied the work of Bob Proctor and Abraham Hicks, who are both well-known in the personal development space. This is where the principle of the “law of attraction” caught his attention.

“Most people don’t focus on what they want, they focus on what is missing,” Handley explained. “If you believe that good things will happen, they are more likely to happen to you.” He works to help clients discover their passions by breaking down barriers that prevent them from reaching goals. “Take someone that’s been told by others that they shouldn’t pursue a career like music because it doesn’t pay well,” he said.  “That person has no support structure. I provide that encouragement and fan the flame of belief.”   

“Where Do You Want to Go?”

Brandon has multiple coaching certifications, including an Achology (Academy of Modern Applied Psychology) Practitioner Certificate, a Six Star Certification, and a Cognitive Behavior Therapy Certification through Achology. He began his life coaching journey by working with fathers on the side while he was still at Cisco. He helped clients understand that they didn’t have to carry all the weight themselves, and how to be present with spouses, children and family members. 

Handley felt like this application could go beyond fatherhood to the greater community and started Prosperity Practice three years ago. He is based in Medford and his sessions are all done online. They last about an hour, and he addresses his clients’ current challenges, sees what they want to achieve and where they want to go. Some of the tools he uses include Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Neural Linguistic Programming. “I usually see clients twice a month for six months,” he said. This is generally enough time to then remove the training wheels. “I do not want to be a crutch,” he emphasized. He gives clients the framework and sends them off to thrive. 

Yes, You Can                            

Being able to go from being homeless to having a six-figure job taught Brandon that having a “yes, you can” rather than “no, you can’t” outlook is essential for happiness. With Prosperity Practice, he never hesitates to learn new things and search for more tools to help clients. “I am not at a stopped position,” he added. “I am continuously educating myself and want my clients to be successful just as much as they do.”

Handley describes one client that was in a depressed state after three years of therapy and then spent three months at Prosperity Practice. Brandon checked in with him several months afterwards, and the client told him he had more progress from three months of coaching then three years of therapy. “I love to see people stepping into their greatness,” Handley said.

Prosperity Practice’s website offers a free 30-day program that helps users figure out what they really want from life. It’s a good starting point and shows realistic goals to help one find the life they want. Simply go to his website, click “Begin Here,” and then click “The Prosperity Game.”

For more information about Brandon Handley and Prosperity Practice, call 484-366-1809, email [email protected]or visit

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