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Holistic Wellness and Healing at Michele and Robert Marcinko’s Halo Wellness Center by Ellen Kershner

Halo lobby

Today’s consumers place greater value on their health and wellness than ever before and the current mainstream success of holistic wellness centers is unprecedented. These facilities offer clients soothing sanctuaries that help them relax, and also help with medical conditions. Halo Wellness Center, in Marlton, does all this and more with a unique menu of services and a well-trained staff.

It’s owned and operated by Michele and Robert Marcinko, who became interested in holistic healing after losing both of their mothers to cancer. Michele’s was diagnosed with ovarian cancer at age 57 and suffered through conventional treatments for two years before passing away, while Robert lost his to breast cancer when she was only 62. 

Once Michele decided to pursue holistic health, she became a Certified Holistic Health Coach and Certified Essential Oil Coach. “We would not be doing what we love if it had not been for these events,” Michele says. “Even the worst tragedies in your life can be turned into blessings by changing your perspective.”

Customized, Natural Healing

Opened in 2014, Halo Wellness Center is a holistic-based wellness facility that offers services customized to meet client needs. When someone calls in for the first time, Michele discusses their health objectives with them and recommends different programs that may be of help.

There are six licensed massage therapists on staff and several are oncology-certified and work with cancer clients. Another is certified in lymphatic drainage. These specialized massages can help cancer patients feel more comfortable throughout their treatments. “It’s better than just going anywhere to get a massage,” Michele says. “Patients could end up with lymphedema if the treatment is not appropriate.” Her staff is also careful with heat in radiated areas and also takes other precautions based on patient needs.

Halo’s massage menu also features specialty treatments like Emotional Aromatherapy Massage and Indian Foot & Scalp Massage. There is also an esthetician available for holistic facials, which use only plant-based, natural products. “We do not do extractions, since we believe the skin can heal itself,” Michele points out.

The practice also offers yoga classes, infrared sauna and red light therapy, and energy healing. Robert practices kinesiology, which is based in Chinese medicine and tests muscles to find energy blockages. Acupressure is then used to unblock the energy pathways; once opened, the body can better heal itself. 

Discovering and Treating the Root Cause

Michele and her staff welcome clients that are cancer patients, have autoimmune disorders and are living with digestive issues like irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s disease and acid reflux. “I think the number one root cause of health problems is toxicity,” she says. “This can result from stress, unhealthy relationships, food, chemicals and medications. If you can clear the body of these toxins it will be able to heal itself—that is what it is designed to do.”

She advises people to be more assertive and take control of their own health: Rather than just finding remedies for symptoms, it is best to try and understand the root causes. “Seek out holistic practitioners that can help you address all aspects of health—mind, body and spirit,” she recommends. Many clients with digestive issues benefit from Michele’s nutrition coaching, which includes plans for diet changes and supplements. 

Halo also has a Himalayan Salt Room, a customer favorite. Salt is an effective, natural healing agent and is beneficial for people with colds, respiratory conditions like COPD, allergies and asthma. This dry salt therapy can also help skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema. Clients recline in comfortable, zero-gravity chairs and receive a blanket and warm neck wrap for each 45-minute session. 

Classes, Supplements and More

Halo Wellness Center also holds group detoxing programs a few times per year with attendees learning to detox through clean eating and supplementation. “The supplements we sell are natural herbs that help stimulate elimination organs like the liver and kidneys to expel the toxins,” Michele explains. “For example, milk thistle helps with liver detoxification.”

Private and group holistic health coaching and nutrition counseling are also available, and clients can also purchase CBD products and handmade jewelry from local artisans when they stop in.

Connecting with Clients

“Real healing can only occur if you are able to trust the practitioner and open your heart and mind to healing,” Michele emphasizes. This is why she starts by intensely listening to clients to understand where they are coming from and how Halo can help. Her compassionate approach connects with them and her greatest joy is seeing their health improve and developing “amazing relationships where we all feel like family.” She loves it when Halo is the first thing they think of when they have a health issue.

“We meet people wherever they are, without criticism or judgment,” she says. “We believe the body is amazing, and given the right tools it is able to heal itself naturally.”

Halo Wellness Center is located at 968 Rte. 73 S., in Marlton, NJ. For more information, call 856-574-4433 or visit

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