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The Greatest Gift is Love by Michelle Vacanti

Dec 23, 2019 07:17AM ● By Shae Marcus

Michelle Vacanti

The greatest gift is the one that keeps on giving. As cliché as it is, who could argue? 

In the spirit of the season, we try to remind ourselves of what really matters amongst the hustle, bustle and materialism that so feverishly calls our attention away. 

 I try and make it a simple matter of choosing between two alternatives: Love or Fear. All negative emotions are based in fear, (anger, anxiety, hate, insecurity, worry, etc.) By the same reasoning, we intuitively know what love is.

 So, this season, choose to give gifts rooted in love:

 -Presence, patience and attention to your children and family

-Kindness to strangers, you don’t know what their plight has been

-Respect to others who look different and have differing opinions

-Forgiveness to all, we are all connected and we are all one in the divine order

-Personal contribution of love to the collective consciousness


 Of course, presents are nice too! While the December issue is heavy on spirituality and the metaphysical (my favorite topics), it also offers plenty of Conscious Giving gift ideas and other nuggets of inspiration.

 Remember, you get what you give. The spirit of the holidays cannot be purchased; it is about loving others, forgiveness and gratitude. Hold this spirit in your heart all year long and create something different and better for the future.

 Happy Holidays,


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