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Carry Your Guardian Angels with You

For those that take comfort in the idea of a guardian angel, SunGlow Chakras has a lovely line of jewelry that will enable those to carry their guardian angel everywhere. Be it earrings, a necklace, a bracelet or a set of all three, SunGlow’s guardian angel jewelry is made of crystals, plated charms and other fine components.

For millennia, countless cultures have believed in the idea of a guardian angel. In ancient Jewish scriptures, guardian angels carried out many of God's commandments; executed God's wrath; and acted as guides, protectors or heavenly representatives that related our prayers to God. It is believed that these angels guard over a person, group or country, serving as a communication between the heavens and Earth.

Christian belief is that one's guardian angel is always with one as a traveling companion, adviser and for guidance toward what is right. According to St. Thomas Aquinas, God gives us suggestions and helps us "see" images through angels that help to lead us on the correct path.  Other religions believe that we are all assigned a guardian angel at birth that is spiritually matched for us.

Many people today believe in having a guardian angel, especially those that have experienced what could have been a fatal accident but were miraculously unhurt or those that have suffered severe illness and recovered.

For more information and to see SunGlow Chakras’ guardian angel jewelry, visit 

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