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Addicted to Gratitude?

Oct 30, 2018 06:07PM ● By Michelle Vacanti

One day a year in November we are reminded to give thanks for countless blessings offered by the miracle of existing on this big spinning ball. What if we put that mindset into practice every day of the year?

I try and challenge myself to wake up each day in contemplation of an attitude of gratitude. Even in my most nihilistic states of awareness, I can conjure up something that is good and worthy of gratefulness. Sometimes all it takes is enjoying a soothing warm shower on a cold day… (in my bathroom that has running water). How privileged we are in this country, indeed.

In the Wise Words sectio  this month, we learn that it can be addictive finding things to be grateful for on a daily basis. And the more we practice the methods, the more grateful our overall orientation to life becomes.

Make a choice each day to focus on aspects of your life that make you feel thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving,


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