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Pediatric Massage Therapy Comes to Moorestown

Julia Gandy, board-certified Massage Therapist at Embodying Wellness, now offers 30-minute pediatric massage therapy sessions at her Moorestown location as well as in her clients’ homes. 

Gandy received certification in April from the prestigious Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Student athletes, children with special needs or are hospitalized and children who need palliative care can all receive benefits from message therapy. Gandy is able to work with all physical, developmental, emotional and mental challenges, adapting each session to the child and their needs. 

Parents and caregivers will be asked to stay in the room during each session, and are encouraged to ask questions and learn the techniques. If your child has asthma, autism, cerebral palsy, ADHD, anxiety, shoulder tension, wrist or thumb pain or another ailment, an individualized treatment plan will be determined to meet their needs. 

Location: 505 S. Lenola Rd., Ste. 124, Moorestown, NJ. For more information, call 609-634-2396 or visit